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Jim Beam launches canned Highballs

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5th May, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Bourbon brand Jim Beam has expanded its ready-to-drink offering with two new canned Highballs.

Jim Beam Highballs

Jim Beam is seeking to attract beer drinkers with its new canned Highballs

The latest additions to the Jim Beam range are Jim Beam Highball and Jim Beam Ginger Highball. The canned offerings have an ABV of 5%.

The expressions seek to offer drinkers a ‘refreshing, convenient alternative to beer’ and are inspired by the ‘sessionable’ Highball cocktails.

“We know that so many drinkers get tired of beer and crave something refreshing, lighter and more balanced,” said Malini Patel, managing director for the James B Beam Distilling Co at Beam Suntory.

“Our new ready-to-drink Highballs are the perfect way to enjoy Jim Beam in a new, refreshing way – whether you’re a Bourbon fan or you’re trying Bourbon for the first time.”

The new Jim Beam Classic Highball combines Jim Beam Bourbon, seltzer and a hint of citrus. The Jim Beam Ginger Highball is made with Jim Beam Bourbon and ginger ale.

The expressions are priced at RRP US$9.99 for a four-pack or US$2.50 for a 355ml can.

Earlier this year, Jim Beam launched a new campaign that promotes its signature Highball serve as an alternative for ‘bored beer fans’.

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