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Aldi Just Launched a New Meal Kit That You Should Stash in Your Freezer ASAP

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When I first read that Aldi was launching taco kits that could be made in just 20 minutes, I knew I had get my hands on them to see for myself. (I learned about them when I was writing up the list of April Aldi Finds.) Well, let me tell you that seeing — and eating — is believing.

Starting today (April 28), these street taco kits are available in Aldi freezer aisles (while supplies last) and come in three variations: Chipotle Shrimp, Pork Carnitas, and Crispy Fish. Best of all, they serve 4 people and cost just $9.99 per kit.

To start, I tried the Pork Carnitas kit with cilantro pesto, and a medley of poblano peppers and onions. According to the instructions, each kit makes 8 tacos, but the package contains 16 corn tortillas. This means you can either double up on tortillas per taco or stretch the filling to make even more tacos. (I did the latter and was super satisfied with my decision!)

They couldn’t have been easier to prepare and took less than the promised 20 minutes. That’s because, as you can see, all the work is done for you — you get completely prepped ingredients, ready for heating and assembly. I cooked the frozen pork in a pan with olive oil until it started getting gorgeous, brown crispy bits and the internal temperature read 165 degrees.

While the pork and peppers and onions were sizzling in separate pans, I placed the cilantro pesto pouch in a bowl of warm water for defrosting. Oh, and I toasted the tortillas in the oven. (I don’t have a microwave, but you can go that route as well.) From there, the tacos were ready for careful assembly and subsequent devouring. The pork was juicy and the cilantro pesto was a flavorful addition. To make them even more complete, I added a little salsa and shredded cheese that I always have in the fridge anyway.

All of the proteins are pre-cooked and don’t need to be defrosted, so these kits are the perfect back-pocket dinner for those nights when you are short on time (and have no plan). The longest part of the process was making the strawberry margaritas to go with it — but those ingredients are not included.

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