Wine Lover? These Are The World’s Most Extravagant Wine Cellars

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What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear the word “wine cellars”?
Dusty wine bottles stacked left and right, enclosed in a cold and dark space underground?
If so, think again.

There are some breathtaking wine cellars that excel in both form and function.
Let’s explore the world through its extravagant wine cellars.

Petit St Vincent: The Grenadines

With champagne and barrel-aged rums from all corners of the Caribbean, this private island resort wins many vacationer’s hearts.

You can find yourself stumbling upon award-winning liquor in the over 6,000 Old World and New World wines here.

This includes a selection of world-famous whiskeys, cognacs, and gin from all around the world.

To top it off, the cellar that houses it deserves praise too. It’s a circular, wood temple with criss-cross, diamond-shaped divisions that houses the wines with flawless symmetry.

If you fancy a private island with a personal sommelier, this fabulous wine cellar in The Grenadines has you covered.

The Fine Wine Shrine wine cellar, Franklin, Tennessee
Courtesy of Fine Wine Shrine

The Fine Wine Shrine: Franklin, Tennessee

With its neon arch-like tower structures, the Fine Wine Shrine is an elegant wine cellar shaped like a cathedral.

Designed by Beckwith Interiors, the theme was to bring out the distinct religious connection of wine from the past.

The flashy blue lights from the three symmetrical archways are an invitation to the selection of fancy wines.

If a wine cellar with historical themes with a modern twist suits your fancy, the Fine Wine Shrine in Franklin, Tennessee, is a fine destination.

Neon Nights: Istanbul, Turkey

A bespoke project primed to showcase Turkey’s fine wines, Neon Lights brings a modern look to wine cellars.

What’s special about this cellar is the rows of curved cut glass to house the wide range of vintage and modern wine.

Behind it is concealed LED lighting that delivers a futuristic aura against the sleek, black flooring and wood surrounding the cellar. The mood lights around the vicinity also come up in different colors, suited to match the owner’s mood.

Owned by one of Turkey’s elite businessmen, this cellar is also equipped with a vapor barrier and thermal insulation to maintain the quality of the wine.

While owning a wine cellar seems like but a distant dream, building your collection starts with one thing: buying wines. Click here for a selection of fine white wine to find a match that suits your palate.

The Spiral wine cellars in the UK
Courtesy of Spiral Cellars

Plush Practicality: Spiral Cellars, UK

A James Bond-esque rendition to wine cellars, the Spiral Cellars in the UK boasts a spiral-shaped wine cellar with top-notch aesthetics.

With room for 2,000 bottles, this underground wine cellar boasts both an expansive storage space and a pleasing look.

Sturdy glass separates the wine cellar from the room above, bringing in light and a unique view to anyone standing on top.

Complete with proper temperature control measures, this storage can double as a pantry for perishables and other food items. 

Contemporary and functional — Plush Practicality: Spiral Cellars is a stylish wine cellar that makes for a great wine cellar destination.  

Radisson Blu Hotel Stanstead wine cellar in London
Courtesy of Radisson Blu

Sky High Service: Radisson Blu Hotel Stansted, UK

A wine cellar that tops all wine cellars — literally. The Sky High Service wine cellar in the Radisson Blu elevates wine to staggering heights.

Instead of keeping wine cooled in compact underground space, this wine cellar adds a new twist by bringing it out to the rooftops.

This wine tower is the focal point of the entire room, illuminated by a sea of blue in rows upon rows of bottles that climb many feet above the ground.

What’s more, hotel “acrobats” provide you a spectacle by fetching your wine atop the towering wine skyscraper.

If you want your glass of white wine coupled with visual impact and sensationalism, the Sky High Service proudly brings that to the table.

Huvafen Fushi Resort Wine Cellar in the Maldives
Courtesy of Huvafen Fushi Resort

Hospitality Haven: Huvafen Fushi Resort, the Maldives

With endless seascapes, abundant luxury, and an exclusively catered experience – Huvafen Fushi Resort is a stellar getaway destination.

Within the walls of this island resort at the heart of the Maldives, there lies an underground wine cellar named Hospitality Haven. 

Located at a depth of 8 feet, this expansive wine cellar has a brimming and vast selection of world-class wines, both vintage and modern.

The wine cellar encloses a private dining area in a semi-circular rotation, beautifully highlighted by a flash of bright lights.

If you want your ideal wine cellar to come with a five-star dining experience alongside a marvelous beach resort getaway, look no further than in Hospitality Haven.

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