Useful Accessories That Every Cigar Lover Should Own

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If you’re a first-time cigar smoker who needs to expertise the pleasure of a very good cigar, then you’ll first have to spend money on some equipment. Equipment are a vital a part of cigar smoking – you won’t be able to smoke with out them. It’s the equipment that always make cigar smoking an costly passion. If you’re on a price range, you may need to contemplate selecting a few of these up second-hand to be able to spend more cash in your stogies.

This text will inform you about a couple of helpful equipment that each cigar lover ought to personal:

cigar cutter

Cigar Cutter

With a view to really take pleasure in a cigar, you might want to minimize it correctly. Most individuals both minimize their cigars too quick or too lengthy. You need to create a pleasant, clean opening to your cigar in order that the smoke can flow freely and flow into correctly. If you don’t use a pointy cigar cutter, then you may trigger the cigar to separate or could minimize it erratically. You want a pleasant, sharp cigar cutter, and it’s essential to at all times minimize alongside the minimize line. If you’re uncertain the place to chop exactly, watch a tutorial on-line or ask the producer.

Wooden Cigar Humidor


A humidor is an hermetic container that maintains fascinating ranges of humidity. You retailer your cigars inside these containers, and so they maintain the tobacco moist. Should you purchase higher-quality, wood humidors, they will even impart a scrumptious taste to your cigars.

Humidors are a vital a part of any cigar smoker’s equipment. Not solely can they protect your cigars, however in accordance with the humidor specialists from XIKAR, they will improve your smoking pleasure. Some humidors may even be used to repel beetles and bugs that eat away at your cigars.


Most humidors have already got a built-in hydrometer, although if yours doesn’t, then that could be a buy you need to make. Hydrometers monitor the water vapor current inside your humidor – the humidity. With a view to make sure that your cigars are getting the suitable stage of humidity, then buy a digital hydrometer.

vintage windproof cigar lighter


To actually take pleasure in a cigar, then you might want to perceive that smoking a cigar is very similar to a ritual. Lighters are a vital a part of the cigar ritual, and without a good lighter, your smoke will be ruined. It is best to discover a butane lighter with a excessive flame that’s straightforward to function. Some cigar people who smoke even select to spend money on engraved lighters, which give them the chance to indicate off to their associates when they’re smoking. An engraved lighter could be a nice heirloom at hand right down to your kids, and for those who select a higher-quality lighter, it could be price one thing at some point.

Ashtray Set

If you’re investing in an engraved lighter, then you may also need to spend money on an engraved ashtray set. An ashtray is one other ceremonial instrument that can make your smoke way more pleasant. You will want an ashtray regardless, engraved or not. A custom-made ashtray set is a purely aesthetical funding. A plastic ashtray will just do as properly, so if you’re on a price range, then don’t worry about making a pricey ashtray buy. Just remember to have an ashtray although. Knocking cigar ash right into a half-cut can is just not the cigar smoker’s means.

Air Air purifier

Cigars can have a really sturdy, overbearing scent. Should you smoke at dwelling and your loved ones can’t stand the odor of a cigar, then you’ll want to spend money on an air air purifier. Air purifiers not solely clear the air of smoke but in addition of poisons and pollution that will exist in your house. Air air pollution is likely one of the largest threats on the earth, and you aren’t secure at dwelling. Air purifiers, whereas not essentially a cigar-related accent, can profit cigar people who smoke, and so they can profit the households of cigar people who smoke who can’t deal with cigar smoke.

Journey Containers

We beforehand talked about that humidors can be utilized to journey, and so they can, however so can journey bins. If you’re touring a brief distance, you may not essentially need to carry a heavy humidor with you. If so, then a journey field can do the job. Discovering the suitable journey field might be simply as tough as discovering the suitable humidor. Among the greatest journey bins are constructed from Spanish-cedar, which imparts a wealthy, woody aroma in your cigars. It will probably additionally, like some humidors, repel beetles and bugs.

Cigar smoking is quite a lot of enjoyable and could be a nice bonding expertise. If you’re simply stepping into smoking, then the equipment listed right here will make it easier to to look the half!

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