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This New Aldi Find Tastes Exactly Like My Favorite Chips from Trader Joe’s

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For the curious minds who have ever wondered about the tangentially linked relationship between Trader Joe’s and Aldi, don’t worry: I did the digging for you. The short answer is that both stores are run independently with no joint ownership. The long answer? There’s a bit more to the backstory, which you can read about here! That being said, there are a lot of items at both stores, that seem … uncannily similar.

Take, for example, Aldi’s brand-new, limited-edition Mexican-Style Street Corn Flavored Big Dipper Corn Chips (available in stores now until supplies last). Something about them had me do a double take. (You can read more about this month’s Aldi Finds here.)

Naturally, I got my hands on a bag of each to compare their contents and prove my hypothesis. The Casa Mamita Organic Mexican-Style Street Corn Big Dipper Corn Chips from Aldi cost $2.29 for 9.25 ounces, while the Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers from Trader Joe’s cost $2.29 for 9.75 ounces.

Off the bat, I noticed that the bag from TJ’s contains just .5 ounces more than Aldi’s version. And, reader, let me tell you that that is the only difference between these two bags of chips! In a blind taste test, I observed that both chips are identical in size, thickness, crunch, and flavor. And after reading the ingredients word for word on the back of each bag, I then confirmed that these are virtually the same item.

While the Aldi version is a limited-edition Aldi Find, available until supplies last, you can find the Trader Joe’s version on shelves in the chip aisle all year long. For all of you fellow chip-lovers out there, let’s hope that the Casa Mamita chips will be so popular that they become mainstays. Because honestly, I wouldn’t mind having two options for where to find my new favorite chips!

What are your favorite chips to get at Trader Joe’s or Aldi? Tell us in the comments below!

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