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This Cookware Set Includes One of Our Favorite Nonstick Skillets — And It’s on Major Sale Right Now

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My first real job was as a commis (apprentice) at a fancy restaurant. One fateful Mother’s Day morning a line cook didn’t show up for work so, in a panic, the Sous Chef assigned me to the omelet station for brunch service. The problem was, I’d only ever made omelets in nonstick pans, which were considered an abomination in this very French kitchen. Instead, I was faced with making a busy morning’s worth of eggs in a stainless steel pan for the first time.

Things did not go well. After I almost started a fire, a kind colleague stepped in and quickly schooled me in the proper technique. None of the omelets I made that day were perfect, but I did learn that all pans are not created equal. While this was back in the Teflon days, cookware has come a long way in combining nonstick performance with the weight, durability, and heat distribution of stainless steel. There’s one innovative brand in particular that manages to give you the best of both worlds: Hexclad. And right now, one of their most popular sets is on major sale.

Kitchn tools editor, Riddley has been using a Hexclad pan for over four years and it’s still her “go-to pan for frying and scrambling eggs, searing fish, browning chicken thighs, and more.” What’s so unique about these pans is their innovative laser-etched hexagonal pattern and their tri-ply design. They’re constructed with a layer of magnetic stainless steel, a middle layer of aluminum, and a top layer of etched steel. Aluminum heats up quickly, stainless steel can get extra hot and retains heat well for restaurant-quality searing, and the top layer is extra special…

The pan’s unique etched steel surface creates “peaks and valleys” that combine the cooking qualities of stainless steel pans with the nonstick performance of coated ones. Unlike traditional nonstick pans, Hexclad’s can easily handle high heat, are super durable, and oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, they can go in your dishwasher. So, you’re getting all the benefits and durability of a chef-quality stainless steel pan with the convenience of a nonstick pan that’s easy to cook with and to care for.

The 7-pc. Hexclad Hybrid Cookware Set includes a pan for every purpose. The 8-inch pan is essential for sauces, sides, and meals for one; the 10-inch pan is just right when you’re cooking for two, and the 12-inch pan is a chef’s (and meal prepper’s) best friend. This set also includes a 12-inch wok, which is awesome for stir-fries, braising, or using along with a bamboo steamer. All of the pans have the sturdy feel you’d expect in restaurant-quality cookware as well as stay-cool handles, and they’ll work with any cooktop.

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