Things to Consider When Hiring a Waterproofing Contractor

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There are two possible reasons someone might need a waterproofing contractor. One of them is in cases where you want to prevent any further damage to your basement and ultimately your houses’ infrastructure, and the other is when the basement is already either flooded or damp. In any case, hiring a reliable waterproofing contractor is of the essence. Since many haven’t had the opportunity to encounter many waterproofing contractors in their life, here are some of the key things you need to consider when hiring them since it can protect you from additional damage, and in the worst-case scenario – it can protect you from liability lawsuits.

What happens when there is no waterproofing

In the best-case scenario, good materials and waterproofing practices should already be present in your home. This is the step that ideally shouldn’t be missed at the construction phase of your home. However, more often than not, this fails to be noticed. The most common reasons why water gets into homes in the first place are either shoddy workmanship during construction or the use of low-quality materials. This can ultimately leave you noticing you have no waterproofing only until your basement floods, or your bathroom leeks or you encounter some problems with your foundation. Let’s consider some things that can happen if your foundation and basement aren’t waterproofed. 

Some of the common things are warping of wood flooring and paneling, rusting or breakdown of water heaters, electrical danger due to contact with moisture, peeling paint, structural damage, and even concrete breakdown, not to mention potential health hazards from the mold spores. All of these damages take a long time and resources. If you have noticed any of these indications, 

The cost of a damp basement

The cost of a damp basement doesn’t end with the simple cost of removing water from it. It leads to more expensive repairments due to further and more serious damage to your home. A wet or even a damp basement can erode the structural integrity of your home. Yes, it can be that serious. To be more precise, realty advisors state that a damp or wet basement can decrease the value of your home by some estimates between 15 and even 25%. If this is left unchecked, it can also become a health hazard to your family and you if the mold develops. Mold thrives in damp surroundings, which makes damp and wet basements an ideal place for them to form. Mold spores have a high potential to cause health problems because they produce allergens, in some cases, they can release irritants, and in the worst cases, they can release toxic substances called mycotoxins that can seriously damage your health and everyone in your home.

How to select a waterproofing contractor

To choose a waterproofing contractor for your basement, you need to have a deep understanding of what you need. If there is ample water damage, the services you will need will differ from the ones if there isn’t water damage yet. In other words, you may choose to waterproof your basement as a protective means rather than fixing the damage. As many professional contractors suggest, a good idea might be to invite a contractor to your home and talk to them about issues they see. If you talk to more than one company, you can compare what they say about the said issues and get a better idea of their knowledge base and skills they show.  Extra help to picking your waterproofing contractor is to ask friends or family members who have had waterproofing work done if they can recommend someone. If they were happy with certain contractors, the chances are they will be good for you too.

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Always consider warranties

Another very important thing to consider when hiring a waterproofing contractor is whether or not they offer warranties, or otherwise known in some countries as guarantees.  A reliable waterproofing contractor will offer more than just a verbal guarantee. As is tradition with any family-owned business who are specialized in waterproofing, a transferable guarantee should be offered to you and you shouldn’t settle for less than this. In some cases, if the business has been in years for a long time, which is often the case with longstanding family businesses in contracting, they might even offer a lifetime guarantee to stand witness to their experience and years spent as waterproofing contractors. Written warranties are general guarantees that were created to cover the cost of material or labor for repairing any future problems. The contractor should also use materials that have transferable warranties as we mentioned earlier, so the value of your home will also be enhanced if you decide to sell it later in the future.

Additional things to consider

Another important thing to consider is to ask whether the contractor business provides insurance to their workers. Always be sure to go with the waterproofing company that provides workers compensation and liability insurance. If they are not bonded or insured, you run a high risk of facing liability charges if something should go wrong during the waterproofing process. In addition to this, if a company doesn’t have insurance for their workers, it’s a good sign they are not concerned about them. Furthermore, the worker’s insurance shows the reliability of the company as well because it will protect both you and your home if any unexpected and unwanted events should occur. Ultimately, liability charges are the last thing you want to be facing, especially during the hefty task of waterproofing your basement which requires time, patience, and resources to be completed in a timely fashion. Go with experienced, reputable waterproofing contractors who stand behind their workers and work ethics.

All of these things are important to consider when hiring a waterproofing contractor. A damp or a wet basement is a potential hazard to your health, as well as the structural integrity of your house. In the best-case scenario, you should hire a waterproofing contractor as a preventative means to the aforementioned issues. If you’re already in a pinch with a flooded basement, it’s all the more reason to hire reputable, long-standing waterproofing contractors which can offer you a transferable guarantee. Do not settle for anything less, as these are all signs of reliable contractors.

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