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The Weeknd’s New Girlfriend REVEALED – Dating Bella Hadid’s ‘UGLY’ Best Friend! (Pics)

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Pop singer The Weeknd is allegedly going public with his new girlfriend. It’s the first public girlfriend that the superstar has had, since splitting up with supermodel Bella Hadid.


But there’s one catch. The Weeknd’s new girlfriend, is allegedly Bella Hadid’s former best friend.

According to multiple pop culture blogs, MTO News has learned that The Weeknd is dating one of the Simi Haze twins. The twins are known for being social media influencers and for being the best friends with The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid. 

While MTO News was not able to independently confirm that The Weeknd is dating one of the Simi Haze twins, we did confirm that Bella recently unfollowed the twins on IG.

Simi and Haze Khadra (aka Simi Haze) are Palestinian identical twins who grew up between Riyadh, London and California. They’re big in the world of fashion and IG influencers.

Here’s a pic of Bella, hanging out with the Simi Twins, before a NY fashion show. the three were virtually inseparable just a few years ago. The below image was taken while Bella was dating The Weeknd,:


Here are some of the receipts – courtesy of a very prominent pop culture blog:

And here are pics of Bella on the red carpet – looking gorgeous. 

Folks on Twitter are blasting the twins (or at least the one dating Bella’s ex) for allegedly violating the “girl code” and dating The Weeknd. They are calling the girls “ugly” both in their appearance, and in their actions.


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