The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Eyewear – 2021 Trends

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Eyewear has become one of the most essential accessories for everyone, whether they wear eyeglasses or sunglasses. The spring is coming, and new eyewear trends of 2021 are coming with it. Different face shapes require different eyewear frames, which poses a problem for some people as the trends aren’t suitable for their face shape. However, 2021 is different, and the spring collection is filled with classic, fresh, and experimental designs that kept everyone into consideration. Here are the hottest trends for eyewear in 2021 that will help you choose your next pair of glasses that fit your face shape, skin tone, personality, and lifestyle perfectly.

Oversized Frames

The pandemic has raised the awareness of self-protection, and it is reflected in 2021’s eyewear styles. The new oversized frames don’t only protect our eyes but also take us back into the ‘70s looks. These frames are versatile as they can look modern if you stick to thin black frames, or you can have a sophisticated ‘70s look with thick black or Havana frames.

Thin Gold Rimmed Glasses

If you like elegant and professional looks, you can’t go wrong with gold round eyeglasses. Thin rimmed glasses in any shape would be admired this year with a gold or rose-gold rimmed metal frame. These glasses would look good with basic plain colors and will give you a look of an Instagram influencer.

Large Round Glasses

If you have a square or rectangular-shaped face, then the large round glasses are for you. Additionally, they can fit in various styles, whether business smart, hipster, or if you are a Harry Potter fan. If you want to go with a bold style, pair these glasses with oversized frames. Frames with gradient colors will create a vintage effect that will draw everyone’s attention.

Clear Frame Glasses

One of the most popular eyewear trends of this year is the clear frame glasses. Fashion designers are fascinated by this trend and incorporate it into their designs. Furthermore, they don’t have to be crystal clear as optometrists at Optique say that the frames come into subtle pastel tints such as pink, green, yellow, light blue, grey, and other colors that will allow you to pick the right one for your style and preference.

Geometric Glasses

Geometric shapes will not only satisfy your love for symmetrical balance but will also dominate the frames of your glasses this year. People with round faces will fall in love with geometric frames because they will highlight facial features perfectly. You can choose between thick and thin frames or between octagon, hexagon, square, and rectangle shapes of the frame without falling out of the trend.

Cat Eye Glasses

These glasses are made for all the ladies out there who are looking for a sexy yet serious look. The cat-eye black frame is ideal for women working in a business environment because it shows a smart and mysterious look paired with professionalism. They come in different gradient colors allowing you to show off your style and personality.

Flat Top Aviator Glasses

Have aviator glasses ever gone out of style? We don’t think so. However, if you are tired of the same aviator glasses style, the flat top ones are trendy this year. You can pair them with geometric frames, subtly colored lenses, or contrast the dark frame with pastel-colored lenses. These unisex glasses can be worn with prescription lenses or in plain form, and they are different from what our parents used to wear as they are designed with contemporary colors, details, and shapes that are suitable for 2021 styles.

The ultimate guide to luxury eyewear

Blue Light Reading Lenses

The lockdown forced us to spend more time on-screen, whether on our phones, TVs, laptops, or any other screen. All these screens emit blue light that can damage the eyes, leading to cataracts, macular degeneration, and Dry Eye Syndrome. This trend is more of an increased need to protect our eyes from the screens we use heavily on a daily basis. However, it is a healthy trend that you should consider to ensure that you protect your eyes and look fabulous at the same time.

Some trends are timeless, and others change every year, the important thing is to find what makes you smile when you look in the mirror. There is no point in following the trend if it doesn’t look good on you. Eyewear can be tricky as it has different shapes and styles that don’t fit everyone. However, this year, you will certainly find what fits you and keeps you trendy.

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