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Recipe: Bitter Tropical Bramble

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When Camarena Tequila asked if they could develop a cocktail for us that made use of some of our favorite ingredients, we jumped at the offer. Our request: Figure out a way to blend tequila and amaro.

Here’s what Chris Chamberlain, Beverage Development Lead for E&J Gallo Spirits (which owns Camarena) came up with! It’s fun stuff — bursting with tropical character. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Paying homage to the historic Bramble, we refocused the traditional use of liqueur and blackberries in order to create a more bitter and tropical twist. The use of Amaro Montenegro not only provides additional sweet, bitter notes that complement those found within Camarena Reposado, but enhances its herbaceous tropical notes also found within both mango & pineapple. This build is then brightened up with a pop of fresh lemon in order to create a wonderfully refreshing ‘Camarena Cooler.’

Bitter Tropical Bramble
1.5 oz. Camarena Reposado
.5 oz. Amaro Montenegro
1 oz. pineapple juice
juice from ½ lemon (.5 oz.)
3-4 mango cubes

Cut your lemon and mango in half. Use one half of the mango to create long slices, and the other mango half should be cut into cubes/chunks.
Add all ingredients listed above into a cocktail shaker and thoroughly muddle together.
Add a very small amount of ice to the ingredient-filled cocktail shaker and shake together to combine/chill.
Pour contents into a Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glass and add crushed ice.
Garnish with long mango slices.

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