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Pig’s Head Left Outside Former Home Of Chauvin Witness

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Retired police officer Barry Brodd, who testified as an expert witness on behalf of Derek Chauvin, claims a severed pig head was found at a home where he once lived. 

On April 17, according to a  police statement, it was found outside of Santa Rosa, California, the home where Brodd once lived. Blood from the big was discovered on the front of the house and the garage. 

There was also a sign on a statue that read “Oink, Oink”  at the Santa Rosa Plaza mall, which is not far from the home where the severed head was found. Authorities believe there is a connection and are investigating. 

Brodd has not lived at the residence for years and is no longer a resident of California. The police statement read, “it appears the victim was falsely targeted.”

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After 14 days of testimony, hearings, and presentation of evidence, a jury of 12 people is close to deciding the fate of former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin, accused in the 

May 25, 2020 death of George Floyd. The defense and prosecution are delivering closing arguments today. 

Chauvin is charged with second and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. He is facing up to 40 years in prison.

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