LyNea “LB” Bell – Agent

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LyNea “LB” Bell – Agent  


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Two-Time History Maker Talent Agent/Entrepreneur
LyNea “LB” Bell Celebrates THE LAUNCH OF


LyNea “LB” Bell

      After celebrating the
rich history and significant accomplishments of many African Americans during
Black History month, it’s now Women’s History month and history is yet, still
being made.  Talent agent/entrepreneur LyNea “LB” Bell makes
history twice celebrating two historical firsts. Bell is the first woman and
dually, the first African American woman to launch a search
engine.  GOTCONN, a privacy-based search engine is the brainchild of
the trailblazing entrepreneur.

     Since its launch
during Black History month, the word about GOTCONN has been moving quickly
throughout all industries and has privacy advocates giving it a huge thumbs up.
Users are wowed by its speed and accuracy, but most of all they are excited to
learn that a search engine  can do this and still respect your
privacy .

     “It’s important that
people know exactly what they are opening themselves up to when conducting a
simple search. They need to know that they don’t have to trade away their
personal privacy to get a great search experience”, says Bell.





  Over the course of
twelve months, Bell worked with Lead Engineer Jason Cook, and
Engineering Professor Dr. Roderick Crowder to develop a search engine that
could generate accurate and relevant search results, while dually protecting
the user’s privacy. The team was able to successfully accomplish what
many people that was impossible, thereby making one of GOTCONN’s greatest
offerings the ability for users to search without being cyber-stalked by
the search provider and their partners on other websites you may visit. Users
can search the internet without their personal identifying information being
logged, tracked, retained or sold. This literally puts a stop to that creepy
feeling you get after noticing big tech companies have followed your every
move. GOTCONN, displays exceptional search results without ever compromising
the user’s privacy.  


     “I am thrilled at the
response. I was told it couldn’t be done without the backing of a tech giant,
but here we are, and we are working on some never seen before enhanced features
to be released in the coming months, says Bell. 

     The search engine
offers a quick and easy installation and is available on computer and all
mobile devices by going to GOTCONN.com.


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