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Jana Kramer Files for Divorce From Mike Caussin After 6 Years of Marriage

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The One Tree Hill actress said that she decided to reconcile with the former football pro after “a voice in my head finally spoke up in defense of this man and our marriage.” As she read from her book, “I knew what I wanted… I said to him, ‘I want to try.'”

The couple’s troubles continued years after, with Jana telling E! News that the pair got into a “huge fight” about three years ago. “He left and he ended up almost relapsing,” she recalled. “I remember going to my place and saying this should be my sign to leave but if there’s a sign to stay, please send me a sign.”

She did receive the sign she was seeking, saying, “The next day or two, I took a pregnancy test and I was pregnant. I no doubt prayed and asked and that was a bigger sign for me. I can either have this baby and be a single mom of two kids and go through this pregnancy alone or I can baby step this and see if he’s really, truly willing to make the adjustment knowing he has everything to lose including a baby. It was a pretty big moment for me.”

According to Jana, “For me, it symbolized the power of someone else giving me that sign. It made me stay and watch and observe how he was taking the next steps. It’s been two and half years and we’re in a way better place.”

She was previously married to Michael Gambino and Johnathon Schaech. This was Mike’s first marriage. 

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