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Distributor Paragon Brands sells majority stake

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21st April, 2021 by Melita Kiely

Maison Villevert has acquired a majority stake in distribution company Paragon Brands and expects the UK distributor’s revenue to triple in the next five years.

Dingle fourth small batch whiskey

Paragon Brands distributes Dingle Whiskey in the UK

Maison Villevert’s export director, Guillaume Villerabel, forecasts “a comfortable target of £15 million (US$21m) revenue within the first three years” for Paragon Brands.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Chris Jones, founder of Paragon Brands, said: “We are committed to the sales and distribution growth of our portfolio and have a clear focus to build the Maison Villevert brands into leading premium spirits within the UK, while cementing Paragon Brands’ reputation as a go-to destination for innovative brands seeking focused distribution and brand-building capabilities in the fast-paced UK premium drinks category.

“The investment from Maison Villevert will enable Paragon to continue on its expansion trajectory, delivering value and sales growth for both the Maison Villevert portfolio and the wider Paragon range of premium drinks brands.”

The investment follows a three-year partnership between both companies.

Paragon Brands distributes spirits including Dingle Irish Whiskey and Pusser’s Rum in the UK.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, oenologist, master distiller and founder of Maison Villevert, said: “Chris Jones has a proven track record in our industry following 25 years working with global premium brands such as Bacardi Brown-Forman and Catalyst Brands, and now with Paragon Brands I am very proud of the trust Chris has given me.

“We have joined forces to expand the business to the benefit of our own brands and partner brands as we did with Maison Villevert in France and Spain where our reputation in the trade is extremely high and we are confident that this alliance will make Paragon Brands a leading light in the UK premium drinks sector. Alone we could move quicker, but together we will go far.”

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