Best Movie Weapons: from Freddy’s Glove to Indy’s whip and more

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Best Movie Weapons: from Freddy’s Glove to Indy’s whip and more

Weapons Featured Freddy Ash Indiana JonesBack in the 80s if you could figure out a cool weapon to throw into your film it would make every boy and girl who saw that film grab a common household item and pretend it was the coolest weapon they wish they had. It can turn an ok character into the best simply by the badass accessory they came with. While the same could be said for today as well the use of CGI and special effects has dulled that reaction. Here are some of the best movie weapons to ever grace the big screen.

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Freddy’s Glove
First Appeared In A Nightmare On Elm Street

Easily one of the coolest inventions in all slasher films. This handmade glove has four razor-sharp blades attached to a common work glove. The opening of the film shows us a dirty hand digging through items to find what would cause the most pain. As we watch the glove it pieced together.

After the credits, we enter the first dream sequence of the film. Tina, in her nightgown, is being chased around a dirty boiler room by a shadowy figure who we will later learn is Freddy Kruger. The whole time he is tormenting Tina by tearing through randomly hung pieces of fabric and scratching his knives on the metal walls.

We don’t fully get to see his weapon at work until the first death of the film which happens to be Tina. Outside of the dream world 4 slashes just appear on her stomach and she is then dragged across the ceiling in a horrific bloodbath. The glove would wreak havoc across nine films and a two-season anthology television show. Seeing the glove lets you know exactly what it can do and to try to keep as far away from it as possible.

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The Glaive
First Appeared In Krull

Part boomerang and part throwing star. The Glaive is a mysterious object from Krull used by Colwyn to defeat The Beast in the final moments of the film. This item looks like a five-pointed star that has dangerous blades on each point. After it is thrown it can hit many targets and return to its owner. This artifact was thought to only be a legend but is found high in the mountains. After pulling it from the magma Colwyn holds onto it before finally unleashing its power against The Beast.

It is known to cut through solid substances, disperse energy beams, and can kill Slayers in one stroke. After killing The Beast it stayed lodged in its chest. The Black Fortress was then pulled back into space and was destroyed so what happened to it after that is unknown. How many kids had to have pretended their frisbee was the Glaive after seeing this movie?

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Indiana Jones’ Whip
First Appeared In Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Sometimes the simplest weapons are the best. A bullwhip somehow because the weapon of envy for a lot of kids and also the easiest to mimic. A jump rope would easily transform into the legendary whip of Indy. This weapon was completely versatile. It could fend off Nazis hoping to steal the Ark Of The Covenant, be used as a rope to swing between large gaps that have a strategically placed branch above them, or even be mistaken for a snake on Indy’s hip when exploring under the Temple Of Doom.

The sound the whip makes made it seem even cooler. You knew that if you heard that CRACK that someone was in trouble and about to have a bad day. If you’ve ever tried to use a rope to wrap around a tree branch and saw that it was a lot harder than it looked in the movie then you have Indy to thank for that one. It really is one of the coolest weapons while being so simple.

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Chainsaw Hand
First Appeared In Evil Dead II

A full-sized chainsaw on the end of your hand? Yes! In Evil Dead II we see our favorite idiot savant of heroics Ash Williams get infected with the Evil. His own hand starts to attack him. After getting dishes slammed over his head he has no other choice than to lop it off at the wrist. From there it becomes a Looney Toons battle back and forth between Ash and his evil hand.

He finally seems to get that under control but still has to face the numerous Deadites that keep coming to his quiet little cabin. Deciding to turn lemons into lemonade he modifies the chainsaw to fit onto his stump. Now he has a kickass Chainsaw Hand! With this, he begins to cut down anything that comes after him.

After traveling to the past and taking out some monsters he travels back to the present with it. While he seems to retire from the game for a while he eventually messes up as only Ash can and brings back waves of Deadites he has to contend with as only he can. With a chainsaw slash to the neck.

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First Appeared In Star Wars: A New Hope

I mean really. Does any other weapon even register in the wake of a lightsaber? Perhaps the coolest and best weapon of all time. A sword made out of light. A laser sword. How can anything beat that? As soon as the first Star Wars movie hit cinemas people began waving everything around like a lightsaber. A paper tube? It’s a lightsaber. A flashlight? It’s a lightsaber. A broomstick? Lightsaber. That might the best thing about it too. Anything can be a lightsaber which led to kids and adults alike mimicking the sound while they waved these objects around.

In later sequels, we’d find out all kinds of uses for the lightsaber. Need a hand taken off? Done. Can’t get through that door? Just jam a lightsaber into it until the metal eventually just melts. Then remember when that trailer for Phantom Menace came out and Darth Maul unleashed the dual-sided lightsaber? People lost their minds. The lightsaber itself lent to a throwback to older movies. While being completely sci-fi and space agey, it still called back to the old fencing films starring Laurence Oliver and Errol Flynn.

The idea that it can be personalized also makes it really awesome. The previous items seem to come in one style. Here the Jedi is actually in charge of what their lightsaber looks like and even what color it displays. While every kid wanted one the best part is that in their mind it could be any color they wanted which still made it inherently theirs and making it yours is what makes it special.

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