Creed star Michael B. Jordan on why Stallone won’t be back for part 3

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creed michael b. jordan sylvester stallone rockyThe Creed and CREED II saga accomplished one heavyweight feat. First, it spun off an almost impossible character from a beloved film series and made it just as amazing as the original without feeling like a rip off. Then, it did the same thing with the sequel! Major props to Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler for handling the Creed series with great respect and heart. Hence, I was more than pleased to learn that Mr. Jordan would be tackling the character of Adonis Creed a third time and even opting to direct this one! However, we also soon learned that Sylvester Stallone would not be reprising his role as Rocky for round 3. During a recent interview for his upcoming Without Remorse, Jordan shed some light on why the Italian Stallion wouldn’t be coming back:

“Yeah, I think that Sly let it be known that he wasn’t coming back for this one but I think, you know, his essence and his spirit… there’s always going to be a little bit of Rocky within Adonis. But this is a Creed franchise, and we really want to build this story and this world around him moving forward. So, it’s always respect and always a shit-ton of love for what he’s built, but we really want to push and navigate Adonis forward and the family that he created. So, hopefully you guys will love what I’m thinking… what we’re cooking up. I think it’s going to be something special.”

After his work in Creed I and II, I have all the faith in the world in Michael B. Jordan. Plus, I have a feeling that the “essence and spirit” of Rocky will keep even the most diehard of fans satisfied. How do you guys feel about this? Are you ready for Creed to get back in the ring albeit without Rocky in his corner? Let us know in the comments below! Creed III is set to open on November 23, 2022.

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