Young Adult Tourists Traveling to The UK’s Capital & Enjoying British Entertainment!

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The UK is a hub for international tourists, and some of the key hot spots for young adult tourists are in the capital city of London. This is a city that has so much to offer, and honestly, if we had to write a guide on what you can’t do in London, we would be lost for words. This is a city that has everything you could ask for by way of entertainment.

With so many topics to cover, the best we can do is to narrow down the UK capital’s entertainment to fun activities only—that is we will exclude activities that are highly likely going to be labeled as ‘not fun’ by young people looking to let their hair down!

British Bingo Halls

If you really want to get into a fun environment where you will meet Brits and ex-pats living in London, then check out the Bingo scene. Many of the bingo halls in London operate large venues where the young, middle age and elderly all participate either together or via events organized to attract specific age groups.

You can also find plenty of Bingo online if you want to get some practice in. Many of the online bingo sites like Costa Bingo offer deposit bonus deals using a welcome offer that gives you a bonus you can take to over 30 bingo rooms available.

Casinos Bars & Games

Another popular pastime for the British is casino gaming, and London just so happens to be full of casino venues, betting shops, gambling halls, and as we already mentioned above bingo, which is also a form of entertainment. Casinos in London offer entertainment value on multiple levels, depending on which establishment you choose.

We recommend Leicester Square, where you will find the Hippodrome Casino. It is a walk-in, no membership required, casino with cash poker tables run by PokerStars live, tons of video slot machines either in the casino or in the slot hall next door, table games, auto roulette tables, game machines, and most importantly for young people looking to socialize, there is a large bar and restaurant area!

West End Bars & Restaurants

There are many cultures in the West End of London, and they all happily blend in with one another seamlessly. You can head up to China Town where you will get a mini taste of Chinese culture with some Thai and Vietnamese mixed in. Also, this part of town is now trending with Japanese restaurants, something that only began about 3 years ago. Plus, you have Italian, Lebanese, French, Spanish Tapas, and a host of US-style bars and grills. If you are looking for posh dining, then head to Mayfair, where you will find restaurants such as Le Caprice!

If you want to mingle the UKs young drinking culture, then the best times to go out in London are Thursday and Friday nights in the main City areas such as Moorgate, Bishopsgate, Shoreditch, Southwark, London Bridge, Charing Cross, Liverpool Street, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, and South Bank!

Betting online during a sport match

Going to a Football Match

London has so many football teams it is difficult to keep track. The larger stadiums in the city are the Emirates stadium (Arsenal a.k.a. the Gunner or Gooners), White Hart Lane (Tottenham Hotspur a.k.a. Spurs), and the London Stadium (West Ham a.k.a. Hammers). Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) is another big stadium but smaller than the former three mentioned and close by you also have Craven Cottage (Fulham) which is a small stadium. Other notable football clubs you may want to see include Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers, and Watford.

Getting tickets is possible online, just make sure you arrange with your Airbnb host or hotel to ensure that recorded delivery is possible so you can be there to collect your tickets. What you probably cannot do is just turn up and buy tickets at the door because these matches often sell out or you will get seats that are far away from the pitch!

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