Winona Oak and Elio – Music

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 Winona Oak abd Elio – Music   


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Winona Oak

      In honor of International Women’s Day, rising
songstress Winona Oak tapped bedroom pop breakout star ELIO for
their new track “Nobody Loves Me,” available now.
The track is joined by a colorful companion
video, streaming now. 

                     Winona Oak and Elio “Nobody Loves Me”

you feel like your anxiety is like an invisible barrier that you just can’t
break through?” 
Winona asks. “Did you forget that social
media isn’t real and are spending way too much time comparing yourself to
perfect people living their perfect lives online? Well, at least you are not
alone in your loneliness. Sometimes I feel like I’m completely isolated from
the rest of the world, like I’m a prisoner of my own mind. I just can’t help
but falling into falling into me. This song is here to remind you (and me) that
any small step you take is a step in the right direction. Call a friend, hug
your dog, clean your house, go for a walk, have a friendly conversation with a
neighbor. Help yourself and others too. It might feel like nobody loves you
today but remember that that tomorrow is a new day, a new gift and tomorrow
could be different. One day at a time because you deserve to feel love and
light again my friend.”


Winona Oak and Elio “Nobody Loves Me”

Loves Me”
is a really interesting song to me,” 
ELIO shares. “It
really battles the idea of feeling like a black sheep and wondering if there is
anyone who truly feels and acts the same way you do. When Winona sent the
track, I knew exactly what I wanted to say in my verse. I don’t know if it’s
because I’m not much of a talker, but I feel out of place and socially tired
pretty easily, so I enjoyed writing with the idea of everyone kind of faking it
til they make it.” 




  “Nobody Loves Me” follows the release of Winona
critically acclaimed EP 
SHE, featuring the recent single “Winter Rain.” “Winter Rain,” release earlier this year, was
joined by a 
strikingly surreal music video featuring stunning clothing from ChanelAlexander
 and Acne Studios.


     SHE was met with widespread
critical acclaim with 
PAPER premiering the official video for the EP’s title track and stating,
“Winona Oak is a name you should know…After listening to the danceable,
somber and contemplative SHE, you’ll understand why.” Winona
celebrated SHE with a 
stirring live performance of the title track as part of CBS’ The
Late Show with Stephen Colbert
’s #PLAYATHOME series.


      Winona followed with the release of “She (Stripped),” a stunning new version of the title track, as
well as a number of exclusive remixes, including reworked renditions by Belgian
Los Angeles trio 


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