Why Greece Is the Best Destination for This Summer

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Why is Greece such a famous summer destination?

Is it the sunny beaches, the rich culinary tradition, or the fascinating capital – Athens?

Maybe it’s all of these!

Keep reading to find out why Greece is the best destination for the summer, and why is it also the best destination this summer especially, amidst the pandemic.

An All-Time Classic Destination

The numbers

Greece is one of Europe’s Top10 destinations with more than 30 million visitors every year. It’s also one of the top destinations in the world.

It’s not a figure of speech that Greece’s heavy industry is tourism. Tourism contributes approximately 18% to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Almost 1 million people work for the tourism industry, accounting for one-fifth of the workforce.

You’d want to be a tourist in Greece for the same reason you’d want a car from a German manufacturer; both countries excel at what they do best.

The places

Despite being a small country, Greece is known for its huge variety. There is something for everyone, namely cities, mountains, and islands. But since our main focus here is the summer of 2021, you are probably interested in the latter.

The most popular islands are located in the Aegeon Pelagos, in the east of the country.

Santorini is known for its picturesque sunsets, wine tours, food tours, and sightseeing. The Aegean island is so popular that its “summer” tourism is active until late October.

Mykonos is home to the best nightlife in Greece. You may as well find luxury villas in Mykonos for the ultimate lavish lifestyle.

Naxos is the most family-friendly option. The island is also boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Paros combines successfully the majestic beaches of Naxos and the exuberant nightlife of Mykonos.

The government of Greece has also developed a vaccination program called  “Eleftheria” (Greek for “Liberty”). According to the program, many Aegean islands will become the first truly COVID-free places in Greece and some of the safest destinations in Europe. 

Speaking of vaccinations and safe tourism, let’s see how Greece is handling the COVID-19 issue and what the pandemic means for its tourists.

Greece destination

Greece, COVID-19 & Tourism

It’s a fact that Greece is an all-time top tourist destination but is Greece still a good destination for the summer of 2021 when the pandemic is still a global issue?

If you are reading this after May 14, 2021, then you should know that Greece will be open to tourists after said date. 

 According to Greek Tourism Minister, vaccinations of employees of the Greek tourism sector will begin after the vaccination program for vulnerable groups has been completed.

“We are sending a clear message to everyone that the country is completely safe healthwise. On May 14 we are opening our borders. Tourism will open with the approval of the health committee. To set a specific date means that there is a complete plan.”

Harry Theohari, Greek Tourism Minister

Mykono windmills Greece

Keep in mind that if you want to visit Greece this summer, you should have a negative PCR test from a diagnostic laboratory.

It’s also highly recommended you download the Visit Greece app before visiting the country.

For more information about spending your summer holidays in Greece, you can visit the official Protocol for Arrivals in and Departures from Greece.

To conclude, Greece is a timeless destination for tourists globally, and especially this summer, it will also be one of the safest destinations you can enjoy.

Odysseas Dimitriadis |

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