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What the Future Looks Like for the Royal Family After Prince Philip’s Funeral

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What made Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s relationship so special?

“They just had a perfect synchronicity about them,” Sally describes. “He knew exactly what he was expected to do when he was with her. He never put a foot wrong, he was always where he was supposed to be. He never did anything to outshine her. I think they were extremely compatible from the very beginning, even though they were very different in terms of their personalities.”

As she notes, “She’s much more reserved, he is more outgoing. He had more of a sense of adventure, or he wanted to move fast and he was modern in his outlook, but it was important because he pushed her…She appreciated that from the very beginning.”

“The queen, the more she got to know him, the more she realized that he would be a perfect partner for her,” Sally continues, “that he could devote himself to her when she needed his support, that he would have an agile and intelligent and analytical mind…The other really, really important thing is, besides them being incredibly committed to duty and service, is that they had this shared sense of humor.”

“He really made her laugh, and as the person who has the kind of responsibilities that she has, I think it was hugely important,” Sally explains. “She’s very funny, too. So, the humor, a lot of people have said the humor bound them. And there’s another thing that people have not commented on very much, but the queen and Prince Philip both had a very deep and quiet private Christian faith. That was very important to them. It was not something they paraded, but it was something they both felt.”

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