What Makes Mercedes Benz a Luxury Car?

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There are few automobile manufacturers that command the same respect as Mercedes. The classic three-pronged logo is synonymous with motoring class when it comes to both performance and driving experience. It’s a brand prized by high-power executives, and most of us associate it with luxury and power. Through leasing, it’s possible to get a new Mercedes regularly replaced – which is an attractive option for many.

So how did this association come about? And what is it about the average Mercedes that makes it so luxurious?

Premium Parts

You can’t make a premium-quality car from bargain-basement parts. A Mercedes is put together using components that are crafted to tighter tolerances. This means that many mechanics who aren’t certified by the manufacturer can’t fix these cars – getting hold of the required parts means being on good terms with Mercedes. As such, when breakdowns do occur, they tend to be more expensive to fix – but they’re rarer, so the motorist tends to benefit overall.

Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster Engine Bay

Cutting-Edge Technology

Mercedes are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology on the road. Assistive braking, adaptive cruise control, and other innovations are being incorporated across the brand’s range, and electric versions of their flagship estates are being rolled out, too. Among the company’s recent technologies is ‘car-to-x’, via which cars can wirelessly send information to one another, and with the traffic infrastructure.

High Quality with attention to detail from all angles

Creating a luxury car means paying greater attention to detail, and rooting out errors in manufacturing. That means more stringent testing and finer margins. A consequence of this that cars of this sort will last for decades.

High Tech Spec

While there are options in a range of price brackets, there isn’t really such a thing as a no-frills Mercedes. Every model is packed with the technology required to deliver an optimal driving experience.

Mercedes Benz

Earned a Trustworthy Name & Reputation

The Mercedes brand hasn’t come to prominence overnight. It’s been building over years and decades. The association with quality, luxury, and reliability is a fragile one, and it would only take a few engineering disasters for even a prestigious name like Mercedes to go into decline. Given the extent to which the brand’s value is tied up in its reputation for flawless quality, the company has every incentive to ensure that every car leaving the factory is produced to the same high standard – even a single lapse, after all, could inflict significant reputational damage. That they have avoided such lapses, for the most part, is a testament to their methods.

As a consequence, many motorists have come to trust in the badge. Mercedes drivers tend to be extremely brand-loyal, with one car from the manufacturer being replaced with another, and then another. In many cases, motorists even swallow their concerns about pricing in order to remain loyal. If the company was not doing something right, then this wouldn’t happen!

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