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Weekly US on-trade sales up 203%

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26th April, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

On-trade sales across the US during the week ending 17 April were 203% higher than last year, as the majority of states can now reopen for indoor service in some capacity.


Bars in 98% of US states can offer indoor service

According to the latest Covid-19 On-Premise Impact Report from market researcher CGA, trading in US on-trade venues during the week ending 17 April was 203% higher than the same period last year.

Value sales are ‘comparable’ with the same period in 2019, the report said.

Across the US, bars are open for indoor service in 98% of states. The only region where venues can currently only offer outdoor service is California.

Venues in 16 states, including Florida and Texas, are allowed to reopen fully, while bars across 32 states, including New York, Vermont and Michigan, can open for indoor service with capacity restrictions in place.

According to the report, sales across all states ‘remain strongly positive compared to last year’, when CGA said ‘decline was near its height’.

The report found that Florida was the strongest among those analysed, with sales up 277% compared with the previous year

On-trade sales in California were also 264% higher than 2020 levels, despite the state posting a 7% decline compared with the previous week.

Compared with the week ending 6 April 2021, sales dropped 6% in the average US outlet. In the state of New York, sales dropped 7% compared with the previous week.

The state of Illinois also experienced slight declines compared with the previous week, dropping by 3%.

All markets in Texas also posted 4% declines in on-trade sales in the week ending 17 April 2021.

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