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Was This Gossip Girl’s Original Opening Credits Sequence? Reboot Creator Weighs In

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Ahead of HBO Max’s upcoming Gossip Girl reboot, fans are freaking out about a video that claims to be the opening credits for the original show.

A new video going viral on social media features the stars of the iconic CW series, which didn’t have formal opening credits, posing for the camera to the tune of Fergie‘s 2006 bop “Glamorous.” Intercut with the cast are scenes from the series, including the moment from the pilot episode that depicts the Upper East Side crew popping champagne in a limo on their way to the Kiss on the Lips.

The credits are notably, err, cheesier than Gossip Girl‘s typical style. Chace Crawford, who plays golden boy Nate Archibald, grins at the camera. Leighton Meester, who stars as Queen Bee Blair Waldorf, looks like someone just surprised her.

Fans freaked out over the video on Twitter.

“so much to unpack,” one tweeted. “smiling blair mean girl serena pissed off dan teen pageant jenny walmart bieber nate and chuck looking like one of the cullens nah i love it here.”

“this is the worst and best thing I’ve seen in my life,” another added.

Wrote a third, “Why this giving 2000s rnb music video? I’m glad they didn’t use it.”

If these were the credits for the show, it’s easy to see why The CW tossed them out before the premiere—however, it seems like this is just the work of well-done fan editing. 

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