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Vaseline And Leading Dermatologists Dispel Skincare Myths

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When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, there’s a wealth of valuable information available. But unfortunately, there’s also a lot of misinformation. Some inaccuracies and misconceptions can be especially harmful to people in the Black and Brown communities due to their lack of adequate healthcare. Without access to trusted dermatologists who can provide proper guidance, many baseless practices and detrimental behaviors continue to reverberate within these groups.

That’s why Vaseline is teaming up with medical experts to help dispel myths and get people of color the care they need. Together, the brand’s Equitable Skincare for All campaign aims to bring awareness, education and information to Black and Brown communities about skincare disparities. Addressing these inequities and partnering with companies like HUED — a first-of-its-kind platform that connects Black and Brown individuals with health and medical professionals who understand diverse patients’ physical, mental and cultural needs — will help put old wives’ tales and outdated skincare routines to rest.   

Reviving the Wisdom of Our Ancestors

While plenty of hearsay about skincare is entirely false, some rumors are actually true. For example, using petroleum jelly as a facial moisturizer. “Gen Z has started covering their face with Vaseline,” says Dr. Elyse Love, a New York City-based dermatologist. The long-beloved product transcends generations

“It’s an old trend that our grandmothers grew up doing, and we know it from our grandmothers doing it. Gen Z has started covering their faces with ointment, particularly Vaseline at night. That is actually okay because Vaseline is non-comedogenic.”

This time-honored practice indeed does help keep the skin moisturized without clogging pores. 

Paving the Way for Skincare Equity

A staple in millions of households worldwide, Vaseline is a skincare brand that has been a tried-and-true topical ointment people have trusted since its 1870 debut. “Vaseline is a brand that has always been around,” says Dr. Caroline Robinson, a Chicago-based dermatologist and founder of Tone Dermatology. “I have been using it all of my life. My mom used to slather it over my face.” Healing dry skin for 150 years and counting, the legacy brand has never wavered from its original mission. That’s why this groundbreaking campaign is designed to ensure that no one is excluded from a successful healthy skincare journey.   

“Vaseline has always been about healing skin for everyone, and we realized that we couldn’t really do that if part of our community wasn’t receiving equitable skincare,” Robinson says. “I’m really excited to be a part of Vaseline’s ‘Equitable Skincare for All’ campaign because this topic and this issue is something I’m very passionate about. I do think we do need to move the needle on equitable care for all.”

Seen, Understood and Celebrated

Beauty veteran and entrepreneur Tai Beauchamp, who is spearheading this crucial conversation is eager to start the dialogue.

“What’s so exciting about this campaign, ‘Equitable Skincare for All,’ is that it’s about being seen,” she says. “We want to be seen as our most authentic, most full, most capable, most intelligent, most beautiful selves, and that’s what the campaign is doing — by helping other Black and Brown people feel like their best selves. I’m so excited. I know that this conversation will continue.”

Want to learn more? Join Vaseline for the first-ever “Equitable Skincare for All” Zoom chat on March 24th at 3pm EST / 12pm PST. Hosted by Tai Beauchamp, the discussion will give consumers a chance to ask questions and receive first-hand information from experts in the field about current inequities Black and Brown people face and the importance of properly treating Black and Brown skin.

Plan to be a part of this monumental conversation, Wednesday, March 24th at 3pm EST/ 12pm PST by signing up here: If you would like to learn more about Vaseline and how they are helping consumers locate comprehensive and culturally competent doctors who understand the skincare needs of Black and Brown communities, head over to huedco.com/vaseline or vaseline.com.

Also, be sure to tune in for the “Equitable Skincare for All” special re-airing on BETHer, April 22nd at 8/7C.

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