Twilight of the Dead: George A. Romero’s final zombie movie in development

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Twilight of the Dead, George A. Romero

After kick-starting the zombie genre with Night of the Living Dead all the way back in 1968, George A. Romero returned to the world of the undead several times over the decades for Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, and Survival of the Dead, and prior to his death in 2017, he was working on what would have been the final chapter of his zombie saga — Twilight of the Dead.

THR has reported that Suzanne Romero, George’s widow, is in the process of developing the screenplay for Twilight of the Dead with three other screenwriters. Not much is known about the project at this point, only that it will be “set in a decimated world” where “life has all but disappeared. But there still may be hope for humanity.” George A. Romero had written the initial treatment with Paolo Zelati, and after George’s death, Zelati asked Suzanne for permission to keep working on the story. “I gave him my full blessing as long as I could be there every step of the way for it to remain true to George’s vision,” Suzanne Romero said. “We had a solid treatment and the beginning of the script. I can 100 percent say that George would be incredibly happy to see this continue. He wanted this to be his final stamp on the zombie genre.” Twilight of the Dead will be picking up after the events of Land of the Dead, as Romero didn’t include Diary of the Dead or Survival of the Dead as part of his main Night of the Living Dead arc

Everything started with my question to him: ‘Where do the zombies go at the end of Land of the Dead?’” Zelati said. “It is no secret that Diary and Survival were not the way he envisioned the series ending, and George knew it very well. Twilight of the Dead was his goodbye to the genre he created and wanted to go out with a powerful film.” The next step is to meet with potential directors and find one who can bring George’s vision to the screen. “This is the film he wanted to make,” Suzanne Romero said. “And while someone else will carry the torch as the director, it is very much a George A. Romero film.

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