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Trump Supporting Black Youtuber EDP445 Accused Of Soliciting Little Girls!

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One of the most popular Trump supporting Black social media stars, is being accused of attempting to have inappropriate conversations with underage girls, MTO News has learned.


EDP445, real name Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland, is a Youtuber will millions of followers. He first gained fame a s Philadelphia Eagles football fan – who would frequently cry when his team lost. Then, when Donald Trump was elected president – he became a die harm “Trumper”, frequently making anti-Black and racist comments to his mostly White conservative followers.

The allegations against EDP445 are coming from a group of child protection activists called Predator Poachers. MTO News learned that the men behind Predator Poachers go online and pretend to be underage girls. Then, they get into inappropriate conversations with men – and arrange a meet up.


And when the pervert men try and meet up with the child, they expose him on social media.

MTO News learned that’s exactly what Predator Poachers are claiming they did to EDP445.

This is what hey posted on their page yesterday:

Here’s an alleged exchange between EDP445 and a person posing as a 14 year old girl, according to the child protection advocates.

The child protection activists allegedly set up a meeting, where EDP445 was supposed to meet the 14 year old girl that hethought he was talking to. But when the bloated Youtuber showed up – there were cameras set up, similar to the 2000s hit show “To Catch A Predator.”


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