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Tory Lanez To TAKE PLEA On Meghan Shooting; No Jail, ‘Misdemeanor’! (Details)

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The saga between Tory Lanez and Meghan The Stallion is about to be over in just a few day, MTO Mews has learned.


According to multiple sources close to Tory, the Canadian rapper is close to pleading out to a deal with California prosecutors that would leave him with ZERO jail tome, no felony convictions, and just a few hours of community service.

MTO News spoke with a person in the know, and they explained the status of the case. The insider told MTO News, “Tory is going to plea out negligent discharge of a firearm. A misdemeanor, not jail time, Just community service.”

This plea should put an end to a very MESSY situation, were Meghan claims that Tory allegedly shot her in the foot.


California law imposes harsh penalties for negligently firing a gun – and technically, it could be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

But in Tory’s case, MTO News’ insider tells us that it will be charged as a misdemeanor, PC 246.3 negligent discharge carries a maximum county jail sentence of one (1) year. Charged as a felony, it can lead to sixteen (16) months, two (2) years or three (3) years in county jail.

Tory’s plea deal, however, appears to have zero jail time attached to it.

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