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Tiger Woods Crash Investigation Reveals Startling Detail

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More details have been released about the Feb. 23 Tiger Woods car crash.

According to the New York Times, the golf star was driving between 84 and 87 miles per hour, about 40 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, according to the Los Angeles County sheriff.

LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a press conference, “The primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway.”

Villanueva denied any special treatment was given to Woods. He also stated no speeding ticket can be issued because the speed was not observed by an independent witness or a police officer. Additionally, a reckless driving citation cannot be issued because Woods was only speeding and didn’t disobey any other road laws.

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As previously reported, Woods, 45, had been attending the Genesis Golf Invitational in Pacific Palisades, Calif. Villanueva said Woods struck the median of the roadway early Tuesday morning, careened across the road on a steep downward curve, and rolled over several times. A neighbor called 911 and directed emergency responders to the car.

Woods suffered serious injuries to both legs and paramedics moved him by ambulance to Harbor UCLA Medical Center, the closest trauma center. Thankfully, he suffered no other life threatening injuries.

According to ESPN, Dr. Anish Mahajan of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center confirmed that Woods had several “open fractures” to his lower right leg. During an emergency surgery, the pro-golfer had a rod placed in his tibia and screws and pins inserted in his foot and ankle.

On Feb. 24, a statement was posted on Woods’ official Twitter account saying that he was “awake, responsive, and recovering in his hospital room.”

It’s unknown if Woods, who recently underwent back surgery in December, will be able to return to playing his sport.

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