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This Space-Saving Spice Organizer Has Almost 13,000 Glowing Amazon Reviews — and It’s 31% Off Right Now

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Let’s talk about spices. As much as we love to cook and bake with them, everyone knows that organizing spice jars in a tidy fashion is always a challenge. Whether you’ve just moved and have a new cabinet to set up, or your collection of herbs and spices has unfathomably multiplied in recent months, it’s always nice to discover a new storage strategy. And according to more than 12,500 Amazon reviewers, the Bellemain Spice Gripper Clip Strips are a solution everyone should consider (especially since they’re now on sale)! For $10.95, you get a set of three gripper clips that will hold up to a dozen jars and make you feel like you’ve (finally!) got all your spices in a row.

While we have lots of ideas for storing spices in creative ways, mounting them on the back of your cabinet doors is one of our favorites. These clip strips are easy to install, make use of unused space in your cabinets, and keep all your spices neatly lined up with their labels facing front and center. And did we mention they’ll save your cabinets from the jumble of spice jars that tend to topple over no matter how hard you try to keep them upright?

To install, you just peel off the backing of one of the strips, stick it onto a freshly cleaned cabinet door, and wait a few hours for it to fully adhere for optimal holding power. The set also comes with hardware if you prefer to screw them into your cabinet doors for a sturdier solution. And best of all, you can customize the length of each strip simply by trimming it before installation, so these will work for any cabinet door size. They could also be installed in just about any spare vertical space in your kitchen, whether on the side of your fridge or an unused wall.

As one reviewer notes, “THESE. ARE. AWESOME.” And, as they attest, these clips work with pretty much any type of spice jar. “We have all different types of spice bottles on there, including glass, and all is well.” So, if you’re worried about whether or not these clips will work with your existing spice collection, have no fear. While they work best with jars that have a narrow neck, they’re also able to accommodate any round spice jar with no problem. Some happy customers have also noted that these clips work for more than just jars full of spices and herbs. As one reviewer writes, “I am not much of a baker, so I only needed two strips for meat seasonings. So I thought I would place four of my most used meds on the opposite door. TADA!!”

So whether you’re looking to finally get those spice jars organized, or a solution to store medications or supplements, give these clips a try — your cabinets will thank you.

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