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This $23 Motivational Water Bottle Has 11,400+ Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

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If you’re not sold yet, here’s what reviewers have to say:

“Loving my new gallon sized water bottle. If you are a parent in an active family you know you end up hauling around 4+ water bottles at a time and still not having enough and everyone is drinking from your bottle. Well, I took this big guy out on a 3.5 hr kayak ride and we only needed the one bottle between us.”

“This gallon sized water bottle is made to look just like a traditional water bottle but scaled up to gallon size. This is different from my other gallon water bottle which has a handle and designed more like a milk jug. This bottle is more attractive with the fading colors and streamlined grips. The plastic body also has a velvety texture that feels nice to hold.”

“This bottle is great , it is definitely bigger than I expected 🙂 . The product is very durable and leak proof the strap that comes attached is very handy for carrying.”

“This water bottle is cool. I’ve always been a water drinker but, I feel like this bottle helps me drink more because of the encouraging phrases on the side and how it’s separated into segments. Now I find myself purposely drinking to a certain line to meet that “requirement”. I also love how cute the colors are. It’s bright and cheery, my kids argue with me that they want my water bottle cause they love it so much and I get so many compliments about it.”

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