The Flash: Ray Fisher suggests Cyborg could still appear in the film

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The Flash: Ray Fisher suggests Cyborg could still appear in the film

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At one point, Ray Fisher was slated to reprise his role of Cyborg in THE FLASH, but after the unpleasantness surrounding the Justice League reshoots and the subsequent investigation, it was said that Cyborg was being written out of the film. Fisher had said that he would “not participate in any production associated” with DC Films president Walter Hamada, and as Hamada remains the head of the studio, it seemed likely that Fisher’s time with the DC Universe had come to an end. Fisher responded by saying that he hadn’t publicly stepped down from anything, and if WarnerMedia chose to remove Cyborg from The Flash rather than recasting the role, it was only because the studio was trying to “avoid public backlash.” That may have been the end of it, but it seems that Fisher hasn’t entirely ruled out an appearance in the film if things are resolved.

While speaking with Empire, Ray Fisher said that he’s spoken with The Flash director Andy Muschietti and that they see eye-to-eye when it comes to superhero stories. The actor also suggested that there’s still a possibility he could appear in the film. “Andy seems to have his head on straight and understood these characters by making it about the relationship more than just a display of superpowers,” Fisher explained. “We were on the same page about that, and it’ll be a bummer if there is no way to resolve the issue.” As production is expected to kick off fairly soon, I’m not about to hold my breath that anything will be resolved. Fisher also further discussed his experience with Justice League during the much-publicized reshoots, saying that a little communication would have helped quite a bit.

Transparency would have gone a long way; if they had said to us, ‘Hey, we don’t like Zack’s movie, we want to shift gears completely and we need you guys to buckle down.’ But they were trying to hold on to this narrative of doing it for Zack and maintaining his vision, all the while completely not doing that.

While Ray Fisher had felt welcome to collaborate and voice his opinions with director Zack Snyder and writer Chris Terrio, that same openness wasn’t welcome on Joss Whedon’s set. “Unfortunately, gaslighting occurred by asking for input but, ultimately, biting people’s heads off when you gave it,” Fisher said. The Flash is currently slated for a November 4, 2022 release

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