The Cyberlandr™ Ushers In A New Era Of Adventure Vehicles

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Made specifically for the Tesla Cybertruck, the Cyberlandr™ will usher a new era of adventure vehicles becoming the best trailer you actually don’t have to tow. Unlike the recreational vehicles that preceded it, the all-electric Cyberlandr™ is a new disappearing camper for Tesla Cybertruck. The innovative camper/overlander allows you to take your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and office anywhere and everywhere you go for the ultimate wilderness and urban adventures.

Travelers on the go no longer have to be tethered to RV parks for power, water/sewer, or Internet access, this new invention will allow users to have all (and more) anywhere and everywhere. Whether out in the woods on an ultimate wilderness adventure or adventuring for a beach jaunt or park hangout, the Cyberlandr™ makes it easy to experience more during your adventure. 

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“After more than two years of R&D on the sensors, software, and hardware we have been able to eliminate many of the inconveniences of traditional RVs,” said Lance King. “The Cyberlandr™ will allow you to go more places—whether off-road or through the drive-thru or into the parking garage at the mall.”

The innovative camper actually disappears entirely within the bed of the Tesla Cybertruck which creates zero aerodynamic drag and minimal effect on the range while even allowing the tonneau cover and tailgate to close. Adventurers are no longer bound by the roads that are in front of them, as the Cyberlandr™ allows you to traverse terrain more rugged than you would dare take most Overlanding trailers and even conveniently fits into a parking garage at a mall. 

Tesla Cyberlandr Cybertruck modification

From urban adventures like soccer tournaments and little league games to a day at the beach or a bike ride, Cyberlandr™ is the best camper is the one you always have with you. Snacks will be kept cold in the fridge and the restroom provides respite, while you can even take a hot shower to refresh before a night out. 

With CyberLandr, people are free to roam around the Earth on a whim and be prepared for any situation that is put in front of them. Poised to usher in the post-SUV era of the eco-friendly adventure vehicle, these unique features allow adventurers to go out and explore all while having a lower carbon footprint. 

CyberLandr Mountain Stowed

CyberLandr’s aesthetics, features, and accompanying app are all designed to complement and enhance the Tesla Cybertruck experience. Some of the features include:

  • StarLink dish providing Internet access (subscription required) and 32-inch SmartTV/monitor 
  • Plush, freestanding chairs also recline and transform into an RV-size queen bed
  • Marble-look porcelain kitchen countertop mirrors the Cybertruck’s dashboard
  • Voice-activated automation to control features like lights, its electrochromic dimming windows, and even the faucet. 
  • A recirculating shower, radiant heated floors, and a dry flush toilet
  • On-board four-stage water filtration system with UV sterilization
  • All-electric and comes with 500 Watts of included solar panels to help replenish the Cybertruck’s batteries.

| Photos courtesy of Cyberlandr™ 

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