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The Best Dishwashing Gloves for Less than $7 per Pair

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A few years ago, I confessed to Kitchn readers that I never wore dishwashing gloves while scrubbing pots and pans. Or, well, while washing any dishes. But then I tried them out, and after a week, I was hooked — and now I can say that I’m a total convert. Dishwashing gloves protect your hands from hot water and allow you to avoid touching the slimiest stuff. These days, I’ll barely wipe down a countertop without my gloves on. It’s not that I’m prissy; it’s just that pulling on a glove is so easy, so why would I do chores any other way?

When I wrote my first post, I was using Casabella’s Waterblock Gloves (about $10 per pair). At the time, the gloves were $14 a pair, and many commenters complained that they were too expensive for dishwashing gloves. I get that. I’ve since had the opportunity to try out gloves from a bunch of brands, and there are a few cheaper ones that I like almost as much as my original Casabellas.

Here are the best dishwashing gloves for $7 or less per pair.

1. Playtex Living Rubber Gloves

These gloves have many of the same features as the Casabella gloves: A turned cuffed to catch water, texturized fingers and palms to hold delicate dishes, and a comfortable inner lining that inhibits mold and bacteria growth. I’ve been finding these at my grocery store lately, but they’re also (of course) available on Amazon for about $6.50 a pair for a pack of two.

2. Elgood Reusable Dishwashing Cleaning Gloves with Latex-Free, Cotton lining

These gloves have a super-soft lining and are Amazon best-sellers. They come in bright colors and have a little punched, scalloped edge on them. They’re also long enough to protect your forearms and satisfied reviews have said they “amazing, “comfortable,” “sturdy,” and “excellent.” They cost about $6.50 a pair and come in a pack of two.

3. Clorox Ultra Comfort Gloves

These gloves have a soft lining and textures on the fingers and palms so that you can securely grip whatever it is you’re washing. They’re extra-thick, too, so your hands and forearms will be protected from hot water. At about $5 a pair, I usually stock up on a few at a time.

Do you have a favorite pair to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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