Texas Chainsaw reboot reveals official title and rating

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Texas Chainsaw reboot reveals official title and rating

Texas chainsaw massacre, title, rating

The upcoming reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has revealed its official title and MPAA rating and it should come as no surprise to fans who are very familiar with the franchise.

The official title of the reboot/sequel is simply Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It would appear that the creative team just wants to maintain a close relation to the original film with the title by not adding any buzzwords, which is reminiscent of the approach taken by Blumhouse when they took on the Halloween franchise and simply titled the 2018 film, Halloween. That film served as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic and Texas Chainsaw Massacre is taking on the same approach by following the events of the 1974 film and seemingly ignoring the sequels

Some more good news for fans is that Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be officially rated R for, per the MPAA, “strong bloody horror violence and gore, and language.” Can you really have a film called Texas Chainsaw Massacre and have it not be rated R? Given the fact that studios do try to go PG-13 with horror releases because that rating reaches a wider demographic, fans can be forgiven for having some pause but thankfully Leatherface will be able to embrace his R-rated roots with this latest installment.

David Blue Garcia is at the helm of the project while Chris Thomas Devlin took on writing duties. Brothers Ryan and Andy Tohill were originally hired to direct the film in February of 2020 but in August of the same year, the Tohill brothers were fired a week into filming and were replaced by Garcia. The cast includes Elsie FisherSarah Yarkin, Mark Burnham, Moe Dunford, Olwen Fouéré, Alice Krige, Jacob Latimore, Nell Hudson, Jessica Allain, Sam Douglas, William Hope, and Jolyon Coy.

Are YOU happy that Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be rated R?

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