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Stylist Julie Ragolia Breaks Down Riz Ahmed and LaKeith Stanfield’s Oscars Fashion

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E! News: Are you able to share what a typical fitting looks like during the COVID era, and the preparation that goes into it?

Julie: “I have some of the greatest assistants in various parts of the world, bless them, they are unbelievable. I really wouldn’t have done half as much as I’ve done you know throughout this whole season if it weren’t for them and their commitment and their patience. I’m really grateful for having such a wonderful team.”

“It’s complicated in the sense of, like, just not being able to, you know, touch everything. I have a very clear understanding of their textures and fabrics and tones, back when I would be at runway shows, but from really focusing on that level first, you know, it’s my job to know these things, whether they’re in my hand or not. I’m just an editor. It all works out.”

“I’m a tailoring nerd, I am so OCD about tailoring. In addition to my assistants, I’m so grateful for having brilliant tailors in various parts of the world too, because they’re really the ones who can make or break your look. So being so precise about tailoring, as I am, it really enabled us to still work through it. I have microscopic vision when it comes to tailoring. Essentially, it would be like, ‘All right Riz, stand there,’ ‘All right LaKeith, stand there.'”

E! News: How is everyone feeling? Obviously, this is the one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, it’s a big deal to be nominated and to be attending. How has everyone been feeling during your fittings?

Julie: “I think everyone is in good spirits, but yet at the same time conscious of everyone else in the world. There’s gratitude on all sides and that’s the first and foremost important thing.”

E! News: What trends do you anticipate we will be seeing on the red carpet tomorrow night?

Julie: “I honestly think the trend will be more of a personal one, and a personality one. I think this award season has put a focus on who we all are as people and who we all are in the world today. I think the trend will be less about wearing particular styles of things or whatnot as much as it will be the trend toward men and women being who they are as people. At least that’s what the guys I work with are focused on.”

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