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Strykk taps into RTD trend

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16th April, 2021 by Melita Kiely

Non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ brand Strykk has unveiled a range of ready-to-drink (RTD) cans to tap into the trend for convenient beverages.

Strykk RTD

Stryyk has moved into RTDs with the launch of Strykk Not G*n and Tonic, and Strykk Not R*m and Cola

The Strykk RTD range includes Strykk Not G*n and Tonic, and Strykk Not R*m and Cola.

The 250ml serves contain 0.5% ABV and are aimed at consumers looking to cut down on their alcohol intake, without compromising their lifestyles.

Alex Carlton, CEO and founder of Strykk and parent company Elegantly Spirited, said: “There are eight million mocktail drinkers in the UK looking for non-alcoholic alternatives, but there is currently only a limited choice of RTD solutions and many are low quality, uninspiring and poorly delivered.

“Strykk’s new range taps into existing drinking repertoires and supports retailers to capture this huge, almost untapped opportunity, enabling drinkers to have fun and maximise every social experience.

“This summer is going to be full on, with people reuniting with friends and family, and making up for lost time. Consumers will be keener than ever to re-ignite social rituals both at home and out with friends, but also much more aware of physical and mental wellbeing.

“Strykk has all of the spirit and none of the alcohol and offers drinkers the opportunity to moderate alcohol consumption and enjoy a better lifestyle balance.”

Strykk Not G*n and Tonic, and Strykk Not R*m and Cola, are available from this month (April), via Amazon Prime, Ocado, and

Each expression retails for RRP £2.20 (US$3) per can, and is available to purchase in a 12-pack case.

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