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Stars Honor George Floyd on One-Year Anniversary of His Death

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Oprah Winfrey: “A yr in the past at present we did not know his identify, however now it is ceaselessly etched in our consciousness: #GeorgeFloyd.”

Former President Barack Obama: “When injustice runs deep, progress takes time. But when we will flip phrases into motion and motion into significant reform, we’ll, within the phrases of James Baldwin, ‘stop fleeing from actuality and start to vary it.’ At this time, extra folks in additional locations are seeing the world extra clearly than they did a yr in the past. It is a tribute to all those that determined that this time could be completely different—and that they, in their very own methods, would assist make it completely different. George Floyd was murdered one yr in the past at present. Since then, a whole lot extra People have died in encounters with police—dad and mom, sons, daughters, buddies taken from us far too quickly. However the final yr has additionally given us causes to hope.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “To John Lewis, the consequences of the protests following George Floyd’s homicide have been clear. ‘Individuals won’t ever, ever neglect what occurred and the way it occurred,’ he stated. ‘And it’s my hope that we’re on our option to better change.’ That is my hope too. Do not cease pushing.”

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