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Spencer Matthews adds non-alcoholic ‘Tequila’ to Clean Co range

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4th May, 2021 by Kate Malczewski

Former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has debuted a non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ inspired by Tequila with his low- and no-alcohol drinks company Clean Co.

Spencer Matthews and CleanCo launch non-alcoholic Tequila

Clean T aims to replicate the flavour, mouthfeel and ‘burn’ of an agave spirit without the booze

Clean T comes in at 0.4% ABV and has 12 calories per 50ml serving.

According to the brand, the alcohol-free agave spirit alternative is earthy and fruity, with notes of oak, green olive, rocket and watercress. It was developed with the goal of providing a similar mouthfeel to Tequila, for a ‘warm and dry alcohol burn’ without the booze.

Matthews said: “The past year has seen a monumental rise of the popular Picante cocktail, and now with our superior-tasting alcohol alternative, you can enjoy all the flavour and experience of your favourite Tequila-based cocktail – from a Margarita to a Sunrise – without having to endure the vicious hangover the next day.”

Matthews first entered the non-alcoholic spirits market with the launch of Clean Co’s gin alternative, Clean G, in 2019, and released a rum-inspired product, Clean R, in May 2020.

The brand also offers flavoured gin alternatives in variants including watermelon and strawberry, pomegranate and grapefruit, and elderflower and raspberry, as well as a non-alcoholic ‘vodka’, Clean V Spiced Apple Spirit, which launched in March 2021.

In September 2020, Clean Co – formerly called The Clean Liquor Company – raised £7 million in funding to support its global expansion.

Speaking to The Spirits Business last year, Matthews hinted at the launch of a non-alcoholic Tequila alternative and stated that his company was “looking to offer choice to consumers who drink alcohol as well as those who don’t”.

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