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Smart and Automated Metal Processing Solutions and Accessories From Taiwan Are Best Choices for Americas’ Industry Upgrading

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TAIPEI, Taiwan — “Taiwan Excellence Smart Machine Tools and Precision Components Webinar” had been released through YouTube on March 17 by Taiwan Excellence, a campaign to bring the best Taiwan-made products to the world. The webinar had shown manufacturers in Americas the latest industry upgrading solutions and precision parts from five of the most well-known Taiwanese machine tools suppliers and four leading precision components makers: CHMER, Takisawa Taiwan, APEC, Campro, Buffalo Machinery (AXILE), Gifu, AutoCam, Taiwan Chelic, and GMT Global. This showcase was held in order to assist American manufacturing industries on their mission to build up advanced and accurate metal processing procedures to improve production performance.

Taiwan’s precision machines have been globally recognized for its high precision and superb quality. To respond to the growing trends of industry 4.0 and automation, Taiwan machine makers integrate advanced ICT techniques which help customers create flexible and automated production lines that allow them to increase production accuracy, reduce malfunctions, and realize 24-hour, fully automated production.

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The highlight of the webinar was when Taiwan Excellence awarding companies introduced their latest solutions and technologies:

CHMER, the fifth-largest EDM manufacturer in the world, shared its innovative laser cutting solutions, which consists of a sinker, wire cut, and drilling tools, and can be used in different fields, such as aerospace, electronics, etc.

TakisawaTaiwan presented its flexible metal processing solutions which can fulfil the demands of complex, high-precision, intelligent, and large-size working with different processing criteria.

APEC introduced its new 5-axis gantry machining center, which is specially designed for composite materials processing, and provides excellent rigidity and stability in machining procedures.

Campro showcased its latest flexible production solutions, which combined accurate metal processing, digital factories, and warehouse management, for reducing both idle time for part loading and up to 90% of human error.

Buffalo Machinery (AXILE) introduced its intelligent automation solutions based on industry 4.0 concepts, which includes digitally controlled machining centers and the “ART” management system, to fit the demands of flexible and efficient production.

GIFU volunteered the company’s advanced tool storage systems, magazines, and flexible ODM services in order to fulfill customers’ demands for flexible and high-efficiency production in the shortest possible time.

AutoCam presented the company’s latest roller cam technology and its potential applications on CNC rotary tables, and explained how these tables help to improve manufacturers’ overall production efficiency.

Taiwan Chelic showcasedthe company’s advanced pneumatic components and solutions for industry 4.0 systems, which included modular F.R.L. combinations, high-speed solenoid valves, oval rodless cylinders, vacuum generators, pneumatic-electric regulators, and actuators.

GMT Global introduced its new electric components which focused on high precision and high rigidity, including items such as electric cylinders, linear actuator modules, positioning modules, electric grippers, and shrink fit machines, to help customers build up “intelligent automation.”

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About Taiwan Excellence

The Taiwan Excellence Award, jointly created by The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in 1992, aims to cultivate Taiwanese companies. Today, the Taiwan Excellence Award is the highest accolade for Taiwanese Products. The symbol of Taiwan Excellence embodies Taiwan’s rise to the global ranks of quality manufacturers in terms of innovation, design and manufacturing. This represents the gold standard for Taiwanese products and will allow us to compete on the global stage.

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