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SHOCK STUDY: Nearly 70% Of Black Trans-women Have HIV!! (CDC Study)

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A disturbing new study was put out by the CDC, saying that almost 70% of Black female transgenders currently have HIV, MTO News has learned.


The Center For Disease Control did a comprehensive study across across major metropolitan US cities and found that HIV rates are unacceptably high among transgender women.  The CDC is calling the study, “one of the most comprehensive surveys of trans women in the U.S.”

The study found that two-thirds of Black trans women and more than one-third of Hispanic trans women surveyed across seven major cities have HIV.


According to interviews conducted in 2019 through early 2020 with 1,608 trans women living in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle –  42% of respondents with a valid HIV test result had HIV.

Here’s more disturbing data:

63% of participants were living at or below the federal poverty level and 17% had no health insurance.homelessness and 17% had been incarcerated.

In the 12 months before the interviews, 42% of participants had experienced 

34% of participants said they had engaged in sex work. Trans women are often overrepresented in sex work — which can increase HIV transmission risk — due to a lack of job opportunities and discrimination.

54% of trans women surveyed experienced verbal abuse or harassment due to their gender identity or presentation. 15% reported being physically forced or verbally threatened to have unwanted sexual contact.

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