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Scott Rudin Steps Away From Film and Streaming to “Work on Personal Issues” Amid Abuse Allegations

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Movie and theater producer Scott Rudin is stepping away from his upcoming film and streaming projects after facing abuse allegations in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, April 20, NBC obtained a statement from the Lady Bird and Fences producer announcing his decision. “I am stepping back from my film and streaming projects in addition to my work on Broadway,” the statement read. “I am doing so to take the time to work on personal issues I should have long ago.” 

Rudin, 62, previously announced on Saturday, April 17, that he was stepping back from the theater world due to his “history of troubling interactions with colleagues,” he said at the time, per NBC News. “I am now taking steps that I should have taken years ago to address this behavior.”

Three days later, he has explained why he is also removing himself from his Hollywood projects.

“When I commented over the weekend, I was focused on Broadway reopening successfully and not wanting my previous behavior to detract from everyone’s efforts to return,” he said in the statement on April 20. “It’s clear to me I should take the same path in film and streaming. I am profoundly sorry for the pain my behavior has caused and I take this step with a commitment to grow and change.” 

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