Saw TV series rumored to be in the works

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Saw TV series rumored to be in the works

Would you like to play a game? No, I’m not talking about Chess, Checkers, or Monopoly. I’m talking about the game of Saw. You know, the kind where your death is inevitable unless you can solve an almost impossible riddle to survive an elaborate deathtrap? Sounds like fun, right? Well, you might soon get your chance. A new rumor coming out of Deadline suggests that Lionsgate TV is in early talks on a TV series adaptation of the book of Saw.

Whispers of there being a Saw TV series in the works comes from an interview with Lionsgate TV’s Kevin Beggs, in which he talks about the indie studio’s expansion. The studio has been strategizing about its journey into broadcast entertainment for quite some time. After all, if you’ve got several projects that would be better served as TV presentations, why not take the leap?

During the interview, Beggs talks about him approaching Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer about a 360 strategy for the company. The concept revolves around establishing a group that is comprised of motion picture, television, and location-based entertainment, which includes Broadway, podcasting, all of those extensions, and Starz.

“And it’s only creative people because creative people are always leaning in to figure out how to say yes,” Beggs told Deadline. “There will be business obstacles, I’m sure, later, but in that room it’s just green fields and blue skies and what if. That has led to a lot of really great collaborations. We’ve just wrapped up Dear White People which was a really good experience, Blindspotting is coming up, American Psycho is in development. We’re always exploring what we can do in television with something like the Saw franchise, so that’s a conversation.”

While Beggs didn’t go into much detail about ideas for a Saw TV series, it’s believed that one is coming from Mark Burg and Oren Koules’ Twisted Television. The show would explore one of the longest-running horror franchises in history and introduce new characters to the lore.

This is just a rumor for now, but it sounds like one that could come to pass if Lionsgate has its way. Would you be game for a Saw television series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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