Salon Privé 2021 – The UK’s Most Exclusive Motor Event

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Now in its 16th year, Salon Privé has gone from strength to strength. The most prestigious UK motor show, Salon Privé is held in the grounds of Blenheim Palace near Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

Salon Privé 2021 supports the work of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. The event has previously raised over £1 million for this worthy cause.

The 2021 event will also support Veloce, a charity working with Hope for Tomorrow mobile cancer units and the Halow Project, creating opportunities for young people aged 16+ with learning disabilities.

A Lotus on display at Salon Prive

Salon Privé 2021

Considered to be one of the top motoring events in the world, this is a unique opportunity to see the most prestigious supercars up close. This year, stringent social distancing measures are in place to ensure that people feel safe.

Salon Privé is the first motoring event in the world to use the LiberApp, available for Apple and Android devices. Guests fill in a short questionnaire before having their temperature tested by the event organisers. A green light then enables attendees to enter the grounds.

Inside, table service is in place for refreshments and a one-way system is in operation for the restrooms. Scroll down for our full video of this iconic car show.

Salon Prive luxury car show
One of the many sports cars on display at Salon Prive

Salon Privé Model Premieres

Over 20 new car models were presented at Salon Privé 2020. Several of these were World, European and UK premieres.

Salon Prive World Premieres:

  • Bentley Mulliner Bacalar – the first car from Bentley Motor’s coach-building and personalization division, enabling customers to work with specialist designers on their dream bespoke design.
  • Bentley Blower – the iconic 1929 Team Blower is re-imagined in a limited series of 12 cars. This is the first pre-war race car continuation series in the world.
  • Bentley Continental GT Mulliner coupe – with a Double Diamond matrix grille and eight different three-color combinations.
  • Engler Superquad – this striking model weighs just 1100 kg and boasts a 5.2-litre 1100 bhp engine. 
  • Touring Superleggera – the iconic Italian styling house takes inspiration from the Touring-bodied Alfa 8C 2900 Le Mans Berlinetta for the Aero3. Featuring a 6262cc V12 engine, only 15 Aero3 will be made, each to the client’s personal specifications. 
  • Zenvo TSR-S – a carbon-bodied 1177bhp track car that’s also road-legal by this Danish hypercar manufacturer.
The Engler Superquad car
The Engler Superquad

Salon Prive Euro Premiere:

There were some impressive cars being unveiled at last year’s edition of Salon Privé. These include a unique flying car and several hypercars.

As Salon Privé Director David Bagley said: “We’re exceptionally proud that so many manufacturers have chosen the magnificent surroundings of Blenheim Palace in which to debut their latest models. We can’t wait to give our guests the first opportunity to see these exciting new cars, which will perfectly complement the legendary classics that will also be on display. It’s a rare opportunity to appreciate the past, present and future of automotive design.”

Salon Prive Touring Superleggera world premiere
Touring Superleggera
  • Aspark Owl – the first fully electric hypercar from Japan, this limited edition of 50 cars reaches 60mph in 1.62 seconds. 
  • PAL-V – a unique flying car by Dutch brand PAL-V.
  • TDF-1 – powered by a 600bhp turbocharged engine, the TDF1 is by British brand Tour-de-Force.
  • Tushek TS-900 – ultra lightweight car with a rear-mounted 4.2 litre V8 motor and electric motors driving the front wheels.
A unique PAL-V flying car
The PAL-V is a car that can fly!

Salon Prive UK Premiere:

  • Ares Design Panther Progettouno – the first model from the Legends Reborn series, this tribute to the De Tomaso Pantera combines classic design with the latest technology and a V10 engine.
  • Ares Design Coupe – based on the Bentley Mulsanne, with bespoke interiors and a re-imagined roof-line.
  • Ares Design Project S – the first car entirely designed by Ares, based on the Chevrolet C8 Corvette
  • Bugatti Chiron 300+ – the record-breaking car that surpassed 300 miles per hour for the first time. It’s one of the most expensive cars in the world.
  • Koenigsegg Gemera –  the first ‘mega GT’ in the world, providing hypercar performance with a spacious interior that can easily transport four people.
  • Manifattura Automobili Torino Stratos – the Turin based manufacturer was inspired by the legendary 1970s rally car to create a limited edition of 25 supercars.
  • Morgan Motor Company Plus Four – commemorating 70 years of the Plus Four, Morgan is launching a limited-run of 20 Plus Four 70th Anniversary Edition at Blenheim Palace. 
  • Rolls-Royce Ghost – the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce model ever, featuring a rigid aluminium spaceframe and a 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12.
The UK Premier of the Rolls-Royce Ghost at Salon Prive, Blenheim Palace
Rolls-Royce Ghost

Salon Privé Automotive Brands

Together with the new-model unveilings, Salon Privé also features a handpicked selection of other iconic cars. For example, this unique McLaren Senna GTR LM Harrods tribute car. One of the most powerful British cars on display, it took over 800 hours to paint by hand.

A unique Harrods liveried McLaren Senna GTR LM
The McLaren Senna GTR LM Harrods

Luxury Brands at Salon Prive

In addition to the cars on display, there are also a number of stands showcasing luxury brands such as Boodles, Canali, Champagne Pommery and Gatineau Paris

One of the most fun is the Little Car Company, who are displaying their range of junior models, created in partnership with the world’s finest car manufacturers.

The Little Car Company kids vehicles
Kids replica classic cars

There are also a number of helicopter and jet charter companies present. Who could resist an ironic photo with this one?

2-Sexy Volare Aviation at Salon Prive
2-Sexy helicopter 😉

Salon Privé Blenheim Palace Tickets

Tickets for this year’s edition are now on sale and cost from £325 for adults or £162.50 for children aged from 5 to 16. This year, the tickets come with the guarantee of a full refund in case the event has to be cancelled, which hopefully won’t be the case.

Salon Prive Schedule

Salon Privé Week – 1-5 September 2021
31 August – Closed Media VIP Day.
1st and 2nd September – Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance by AXA.
3rd September – Salon Privé Ladies’ Day by Boodles.
4th September – Salon Privé Club Trophy – the largest car club-only event in the UK.
5th September – Salon Privé Classics & Supercar.

Salon Privé 2020 at Blenheim Palace

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