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Review: Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker

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Cocktail shakers aren’t exactly the most interesting products in the world… or so I had thought. Proving me wrong is the Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker, which raised a whopping $2.5 million on IndieGogo from people sick of the problems associated with the typical Cobbler-style shaker.

What are the big complaints? I can agree with the crowd that 1) they leak and make a huge mess, 2) they are hard to open, and 3) they get really cold — though that’s a problem with any type of shaker, even the more pro-level Boston-style shaker. Elevated Craft really does solve all of these issues, and here’s how:

1) Instead of relying on a pressure-based seal, the Elevated Craft mixer lid and pour spout screw together. A silicone gasket ensures nothing leaks out — at least it didn’t in my hands on testing.

2) Again, the screw-together design makes Elevated Craft come apart a bit more quickly than a stuck Cobbler shaker, though if there’s any flaw in the Elevated Craft design it’s with the “quick twist threads,” which stick a bit more than I was expecting. A little practice can help to ease this issue, though, though not fully.

3) A double-walled vacuum-insulated tumbler (which holds a big 21.5 ounces of liquid) is designed not to get cold to the touch, and indeed it doesn’t. After 20 seconds of shaking a large cocktail, the exterior felt nearly as warm as when I’d started out, so much so that I doubted anything was happening to the liquid inside. But sure enough, the contents were ice cold after the shake — while my hands were not.

The shaker includes a measuring system built into the lid, with measurements marked off up to 6 ounces (so I hope you’re thirsty) — and while this is handy, things can be hard to measure at the more commonly needed sub-1-ounce level.

Elevated Craft isn’t perfect — no Cobbler shaker is — but it does make a compelling case as the best Cobbler style shaker on the market. While I’ll probably stick with the quicker-and-dirtier Boston shaker I’m used to, it’s definitely something I plan on keeping around for my more easily chilled, thin-skinned friends and family.

A- / $69 /

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