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Review: Earth Echo Cacao Bliss

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Whipping up a hot chocolate or chocolate milk (spiked or otherwise)? Give Earth Echo’s Cacao Bliss a look. Rather than relying on processed cocoa powder, the base of this product is raw cacao which has been infused with 9 additional ingredients all designed to improve your overall health. Those include: turmeric, black pepper, MCT powder, cinnamon, monk fruit, coconut nectar, lucuma, mesquite, and Himalayan salt.

That sounds like a lot of stuff, but I was surprised that Cacao Bliss, either in water or milk or other beverages, tastes by and large like a high-end cocoa powder. The coconut nectar and some of the other ingredients provide a touch of sweetness, so I found you didn’t need to add sugar to make it serve the needs of a sweet tooth. That said, the mildly curry-like turmeric is evident on the tongue, as is the pepper, but these are largely mild and elusive. The overall character is one of fresh, milk chocolate.

I can’t speak to Cacao Bliss’s health claims — at at $51 for an 8.34 oz bag, it’s not cheap — but if you’re looking to get chocolate flavor into a beverage and get your daily dose of superfoods, it’s a wholly painless way to get the job done.

A- / $51 per 8.34 oz bag / [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

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