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Review: Cayuga Clear Vodka

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Cayuga Clear Vodka

Vodka will be produced from many issues, principally something that has starch or sugar in it — like potatoes, grains, grapes, or sugar beets. Black Cow Vodka within the UK makes vodka from milk, and we’ve reviewed a few New Zealand vodkas which are produced from whey. Whey is what’s left over if you flip milk into cheese, and sadly most of it’s both given away as animal feed or dumped into landfill, and even merely dumped into rivers.

Thankfully some individuals at the moment are realizing you may distill whey, and switch it into vodka. Cayuga Substances within the Finger Lakes space has been processing whey for 15 years and turning it into ethanol, which is then offered for gas or offered to distilleries as white spirit. They course of whey from large names they’re apparently not allowed to say, however they’re names you’ll see on the cheese cabinets of each massive or small grocery retailer within the U.S.

Finally somebody at Cayuga appears to have realized that as a substitute of promoting their ethanol on to different individuals to show into business vodka, gin, whiskey or no matter, they may do it themselves. So that they purchased a distillery that was going out of enterprise, and began to provide their very own Cayuga Clear Vodka.

The very first thing you discover is that the bottle isn’t glass however plastic. It’s produced from PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate. It’s as recyclable as glass however lighter to move and friendlier on the atmosphere.

On the nostril, the vodka could be very vanilla-creamy, and barely nutty. There’s a heat about it, a touch of raisins, and slightly lemon citrus. These items all come by way of on the palate, but in addition that’s sadly the place the alcohol additionally comes by way of fairly strongly. It’s curious in that whereas it’s actually nice to smell, it’s much less nice to sip on straight. The excellent news is that blended with tonic or OJ or one thing else, it makes a superb cocktail utilizing vodka that’s filth low-cost. The dangerous information is that in the intervening time it’s solely out there on-line to New York state residents.

80 proof.

B- / $10 /

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