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Rebekah Aladdin Is Hollywood’s Secret Beauty Weapon

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Written by BET Staff

BET.com’s THE GLAM GAP is a weekly video series spotlighting Black entrepreneurs and influencers in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle space.

Even if you’re not familiar with her name, chances are you’ve seen Rebekah Aladdin‘s work in a movie or on your favorite celebrity. 

Aladdin began her beauty career in 2011, after earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California Los Angeles. As an L.A. native, Aladdin had always been around the glamorous world of entertainment, so when she switched gears to pursue her creative talents in makeup professionally, she turned to her first love – Hollywood.

“My friend asked me to be a makeup assistant on a film for a few weeks. There, I met a great friend, and I worked under her and assisted her. And that was kind of like my first intro to the actual movie industry.” 

She began an ambitious makeup career; painting faces on the small sets of independent films and music videos. But Aladdin wouldn’t stay in the indie world for long. Gifted with an eye for detail and an artistic hand, Aladdin has a natural talent for makeup and male grooming. The world was about to see her talent, and her name would soon become famous with a long list of celebrity clients including Lena Waithe, Justine Skye, KiKi Layne, Normani, Anita Baker, Winnie Harlow, and Mary Mary, just to name a few.

“I like to think of makeup as a bridge unless you’re doing a beauty shoot. I think that makeup is just one detailed aspect that it’s supposed to work in harmony with the other details to create an amazing look,” Aladdin tells BET.com. 

Her work has landed on the covers of major publications, including Vanity Fair, Elle, The Hollywood Reporter, Essence, Nylon, and inside the pages of Billboard, Variety, Vogue, Ebony Magazine, and many more. Aladdin’s work has also been featured in campaigns for global brands such as Nike, H&M, and Forever 21.

“I like to highlight the features that my clients already have and make a more polished look, whatever that may be for the moment. It’s a little bit more muted on some occasions, it can be a little bit more dramatic, but regardless of where we end up on the spectrum of natural range or drama, my clients will always have a look that represents themselves,” Aladdin says on her makeup style.

Aladdin prides herself on developing a makeup style that accentuates her clients’ best features while staying true to their uniqueness. With the lack of diversity in the fashion and beauty industries, Aladdin will always advocate for Black artists and push brands to collaborate. Not just as creatives but in the decision-making process. 

“There is a lack of diversity when it comes to behind the scenes, and my hopes moving forward is that we would see more black people in spaces with equal opportunities for when it comes to brand partnerships and sponsorships. Not just when it comes to the creative side. I think brands should use their platforms to magnify black voices, magnify black stories, and give them the same opportunity to create and collaborate that they would, our counterparts.”

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This article has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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