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Rampage [2018], Trailer and Information

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Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) is passionate about his job at Everglades National Park, particularly with regards to an intelligent ape, his best friend, named George. One night, some kind of missile hits George’s enclosure which, upon inspection, sprays him with an unknown substance. The next morning, Davis arrives to find George cowering in his cave in obvious fear and pain, and Davis realises he has grown at least two feet since he last saw him and his weight has almost doubled.

With the help of scientist Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris), they find the object that caused George’s transformation, and deduces that it’s part of some genetic editing technology being developed by the government. Of course, given that it’s managed to find its way into the home of George – who, incidentally, is displaying more and more unpredictable behaviour – that means there’s likely to be other ‘edited’ animals out there, something like… a 30-foot wolf, or a gigantic crocodile.

Davis protests about George being taken away by the military for testing, but this now-outsize ape can certainly take care of himself and is not about to become a science experiment if he can help it. But there might be a chance for Davis to get his friend back; there’s talk of an antidote for the technology being created and it soon becomes clear that Davis is the only person willing to chance it than execute the innocent animals.

He’s now got the mammoth task of saving the world from his best friend, and, in effect, saving his best friend from the rest of the world.

Based on the classic 1980s video game franchise of the same name by Midway Games, ‘Rampage’ re-teams Dwayne Johnson and ‘San Andreas’ director Brad Peyton with a screenwriting team headed by Ryan Engle (‘Non-Stop’). 

The movie will be released on April 20th 2018. 

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