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Parents Become Virginity Vigilantes In Kay Cannon’s ‘Blockers’, Trailer and Information

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The idea of children become functioning adults is often a terrifying thought for parents, especially when their innocence is at stake. ‘Blockers’ explores the hilarious results of when a group of parents become hellbent on preserving their teens’ virginities in the run up to their prom night.

It only seems like yesterday when Lisa (Leslie Mann), Mitchell (John Cena) and Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) waved goodbye to their young daughters on their first day of elementary school. Now, more than a decade later, those girls are still the best of friends – but everything else has sure changed. 

Julie (Kathryn Newton), Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Sam (Gideon Adlon) are excited to celebrate a milestone in their teen lives: the high school prom. And just to make their parents’ insecurities more profound, Julie carelessly leaves her laptop open for the grown-ups to find one day, where her and her friends’ phone conversations are being stored.

After finally cracking the impossible code of emojis, eggplants in abundance, they discover – to their horror – that their daughters have made a pact with each other of terrifying proportions; they are planning to lose their virginities at the same time on prom night.

John Cena, Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz in 'Blockers'John Cena, Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz in ‘Blockers’

Needless to say, Lisa, Mitchell and Hunter are determined not to let this happen, and embark on a hilarious mission to do everything within their power to maintain their kids’ purity. Whether that means following their limousine, spying on their every move or engaging in hazing activities with high school boys. 

Of course, not everyone thinks they’re going about protecting their children in the right way; indeed, Kayla’s mom Marcie (Sarayu Blue) thinks her husband and his friends have a lot of growing up to do themselves.

‘Blockers’ – previously known as ‘The Pact’ – is a must-see comedy co-produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and directed by the Primetime Emmy nominated Kay Cannon, who is best known for writing ‘Pitch Perfect’, ’30 Rock’ and ‘Girlboss’, in her directorial debut. The screenplay has been written by brothers Brian Kehoe and Jim Kehoe (‘Overachievers’), and writing duo Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (‘American Reunion’). 

‘Blockers’ is set to be released on April 6th 2018. 

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