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Our/Vodka launches basil-flavoured expression

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21st April, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Pernod Ricard-owned Our/Vodka has released a limited edition ‘sustainable’ vodka infused with basil in partnership with non-profit Rethink Food.

Our/New York Basil vodka

Our/New York Basil vodka is limited to 1,800 bottles

The new Our/New York Basil vodka is made with basil from the Square Roots farm in Brooklyn, New York.

The expression was made at Our/New York, Manhattan’s first distillery since Prohibition. It became the sixth subsidiary to join the Our/Vodka family of microdistilleries in 2018.

The basil used to make the vodka is hand-chopped and combined with a mixture of base spirit and water, before being infused for 24 hours. The infused liquid is filtered and distilled to remove the basil.

The distillate is then blended with local water and a corn-based neutral spirit, before being hand-bottled at the distillery.

The product was created in collaboration with Rethink Food, which converts surplus food into meals for communities affected by food insecurity.

Dave Ortiz, local partner of Our/New York, said: “We’re thrilled to align with local partners to repurpose this beautiful ingredient and use it to create something truly unique – a ‘sustainable spirit’.

“Working with a fresh ingredient like basil is an intricate process, requiring a lot of time and care to get just right.

“It’s a complex, yet familiar flavour that makes for a really compelling drink on its own or in any number of cocktails.”

There are 1,800 bottles of the vodka available, which can be purchased in select retailers, bars and restaurants across New York City.

The distillery plans to unveil new partnerships in the future, including creating products with local artists and farms.

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